keep on runnin’

For the past few months I’ve really started to get back into running. I used to play soccer until the age of 17 then I quit and so ended my running. But after starting college and packing on the lbs, I decided it was time for me to get active and make myself healthy inside and out! I don’t have the endurance I used to but for all of august I ran 115km! I did 3.27 miles each day (sometimes more and sometimes less).

Tidbit of info= I ran my first half marathon at the age of 14 (Adidas Vancouver international marathon).

Now I’m making a list of runs I want to complete within the next year…

-Vancouver Sun Run 10km – SIGNED UP!
– March 7/10: Harrys Spring Run off 8km
– May 2010 Adidas Half Marathon (?)


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