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Alright, so this post is going to be a tad different than my other posts… tonight I had a pretty awkward experience with my friends. I drove over to my friends house to hang out and i thought they were going to have some drinks or something but no, I show up and they are hot boxing the garage. In defense of my friends they are great people but love to smoke pot. Anyways, my friends know I don’t smoke pot anymore – I did when I was in high school than realized it wasn’t for me and I didn’t gain anything from doing it. So I basically I got there and was like I can’t stay… I can’t go home reeking like weed. They tried to persuade me to stay with there persuasive stoned words but no I left. I feel like I acted kinda irrationally but they know I don’t smoke so why would I want to sit around them breathing in their second hand smoke. I love my friends to bits but they just don’t get it. I have no problem with them smoking –  it’s their life but why should I be left out of the fun social events because of this… Has anyone ever dealt with this situation before?



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studying advice…

Well the time has come for finals and I just started studying a few days ago and today it hit my like a cement wall that I should take studying way more seriously! (bad grammar, i know!) Anyways, this semester I ended up doing horrible in half my classes once again and I’m scared that I’m going to be put on either academic probation or asked to withdrawl from school =\ I’m a smart girl but when it comes to school my brain just melts and when I study my hardest I still get sub-par grades?! So my questions for anyone reading this… How do you study effectively?! Also how the heck do you study for math effectively? Anyone help would be mucho appreciated!


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lend your ten cents

I’m calling out for help again girls! I know it seems like all I’m doing right now =) But I’m trying to figure out a career path for myself. So anyone who reads this that is involved with marketing, pr, communications in anyway write a comment about what you studied in college, how you go a your job and what you do exactly. I would appreciate it so so so much!

Also, anyone still have any great places to go for a relatively cheap vacation this summer?

Once again, I appreciate all your help so much!


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