About a girl

I’m Bri a nineteen year old hailing from the west coast of Canada (Vancouver to be exact!). I finished off my freshman year of college rather roughly… I gained the freshman fifteen, was stuck at home while my friends went away for school and I struggled with the overall college life. I changed my mind about career choices about hmm a handful of times before I realized what I am meant to do with my life and that is…. nursing! So right now I’m waiting to get into an RN program!

Finally legal - country night!

For the past few years I’ve had issues with my body, self esteem and eating. I’m not sure where all this came from because I’ve surrounded myself with people who never made me feel bad about my body or pressured me to be thin. After starting college my weight sky rocketed and made me even more anxious about eating and food. After I finished my spring semester I decided to get a handle on my weight. To date I’ve lost the weight I’ve gained from school and quite happy with it. Now I’m focusing on toning up and keeping my entire body healthy with a well balanced lifestyle. I’m getting back into running and try to run at least 5-6 times a week. I’m not running long distance but three miles here and there makes me feel great!

VANCOUVER - I love my city!

VANCOUVER - I love my city!

Now onto the blog name… why the optimalist you ask? Well, I was previously known as cheaply chic but decided I needed a new name since that blog started off being a fashion blog. I chose the optimalist after reading an article in an issue of Self magazine… (by the way I’m a total magazine wh@re). The article said…“An optimalist has high standards but is also comfortable failing. And if she does fail, she directs any guilt and self knowledge to a more beneficial outcome the next time.” These few words totally stuck with me and now I’m striving to be an omptimalist not a perfectionist because no one is perfect and it has taken me a long time to understand that.


14 responses to “About a girl

  1. Thanks for the comment! I’m adding you to my reader now! LOVE LOVE that optimalist quote… So true… Good luck with the blog! Can’t wait to keep reading!


  2. Erica

    Hi Bri! I stumbled upon your blog and I think your story is great. I’m adding you to my reader as well! I wish you all the best with your future nursing career and keep running!

  3. Hey Girl!!! Thanks so much for the comment- it was too sweet; oh & I’m loving your blog already! And absolutely love the name too… Can’t wait to read more.. I’m adding you as we speak! 🙂

  4. Just found your blog! Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Excited to read more of yours – love discovering new blogs from different places.

  6. Your blog looks so fun! And as someone else away from home I can relate. 🙂

  7. Hey Bri!

    Wow! Being an au pair in Italy sounds amazing! Hope you’re having a great time! Good luck for nursing too! Excited to follow your blog!


  8. Hi Bri- I just found your blog and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. I see a lot of similarities in my goals and first year on my own, etc etc.

    And um fashion, food, reading and almond butter?! Hell to the yes. 😉 oh and apples too.

    xo bekah

  9. shell625

    I really feel like i can relate to you…. I know what it feels like to randomly have problems w/ eating even though you are in a really supportive atmosphere. Hope you check out my blog, i’m trying to get it started! (findinghappinessandhealth.wordpress.com)


  10. elise

    hi bri…i loved reading about your healthy ‘tude…i think being an optimalist sounds pretty fabulous 🙂 good luck pursuing nursing. cant wait to read on!

  11. Hey! It’s so crazy that you’re an au pair in Italy, my best friend is currently one in France! Glad that you are liking my blog, I can’t wait to check yours out as well. We definitely do seem to have a lot in common!

  12. I just came across your site of a very similar name than my own. Just wanted to say hello and welcome fellow optimalist. If you want to stop by the Optimalists for some articles about optimalism, or at least how I am defining it … feel free.

    I like the minimal design of your site.

  13. I would love to visit Vancuvor some day. I totally know what you mean by the freshmen 15 and changing majors!

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