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First & Low

Heylo ladies! Hope all is well with you. I’m kind of bummed to be sitting in on Friday night. I had plans to go to a club downtown but i decided to wait for my friend but it ended up being 11 by the time she was finished. So basically we would get there by 12 and have a hard time getting in because a special dj was mixing tonight. Which led me to have a mini breakdown because I’ve realized over the past two years I have completely shut myself off from most of my friends. I can blame it on many things but I really need to correct this problem because I will just keep on being unhappy. I have no idea what changed to make me so antisocial (strong word cause I still like being social I just need a kick in the but to get out the door). My friends have changed there interests as have I, so maybe we drifted there but they still have the same personalities as before. Sorry for the ramble but no one really gets what I’m going through so I needed to write it down somewhere.

Anyways lets move on to happier & greener news… I made my first GREEN MONSTER!

I was sceptical to try it at first because well i prefer my spinach in the solid form not the drinkable… or so I thought. I mixed to frozen mini blocks (Europe’s Finest frozen spinach) , half a naner, almond milk, vanilla yogurt and a tbsp of chocolate protein powder. I magic bulleted that mixture et voila!

100_1734Got GM?

Green Monsters are now a part of my daily life and I love’m. I now add some strawberries in to sweeten it up!
In other news… I bought a Polar hear rate monitor off eBay the other day. I know Garmin is legit but I’m on a budget so polar will have to do.

Is anyone else super stoked that The World Cup has started again… it really makes me miss my soccer playing days. I might have to dig up the ol soccer ball and kick it around. Also props to the Blackhawks for winning the cup – one of the players on the team is from my town so I’m hoping he brings the cup to the local rink so everyone can see it 🙂

Happy Weekend!


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