For the thrill of it.

SO…. I’m still alive and reading other blogs but I haven’t had enough motivation to write. But honestly, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your blogs! I’m going to give you all a big overdose of updates in a little sections because… well school is done for the summer so I don’t need to write perfectly 🙂

Well life has been the greatest but it’s pretty chill and relaxing so I can’t complain with that. I have a had a few nights out but nothing to crazy yet. I have a few fun outings planned for this summer; doing the Grouse Grind, going to Kelowna and possibly a few more road/camping trips.

I have been running/speed walking (b get’s lazy) quite a lot since school has been done. Retail may be some people’s form of therapy but running is mine. My tan lines are already so bad from running and it’s only May! I ran my first race since I was fourteen in early may. The Vancouver Sun Run 10k! This is such an amazing race – the second largest 10k in the world! 51 000 people ran it this year! BANANAS! I don’t have any pictures from it because they are my dad’s work camera and well I’m to lazy to track that cam down! Quick overview of the race… it was super running weather! The race kicked off at 9am but my coral (green) didn’t start till about 9:20am… I crossed the start line probably 5ish minutes after that. The race was pretty easy except for the ramp onto one of the bridges. I missed one water station which killed me a bit because I had to slow my pace so I could make it to the next one without out stopping or passing out. I sprinted the last 100m and crossed the finish line with a time of 53:29…I was finished 5472 (pace 5.21km/h) (I was in the top 10 percent well… 10.6 percent). My goal was to do it in under an hour so I did that. I am also really proud that I did not stopping running once! I usually stop every 5 minutes when I run but I think the excitement made me run faster plus I didn’t want anyone passing me haha.
The race pack was nothing special but I did pick up a few samples at the race expo and after the race I scored a container of powerade chocolate protein powder!!

I also bought myself two items from Lululemon. The capris in the pictures are so so but will be good for running in the fall because the material is thicker but the shorts are AMAZING! They feel like you are wearing nothing and they don’t give you a super wedge when you run either. The cost 54 bucks but I’m considering buying another pair even with my limited budget.

School & Future
Last post I was freaking out because I was going to have to move all the way to Ontario for Nursing school but Lady luck was on my side and I got into a school in Victoria which is in the same province as me and just a 1.5 hour ferry ride away!
image I’m so happy to have gotten into this school. I was supposed to get in for September 2011 but I got a spot a year sooner eee! I am so happy I don’t have to move far away from my beloved Vancouver. So now I am trying to find a house/basement suite/apartment for the fall. I finished this past semester with some pretty stellar grades to! I got a A- in Sociology, B in Psychology and a B- in English… Some of you may think this average but school does not come easily to me so I am pretty proud of these grades!

uhh don’t even ask… serious dry spell going on here. At least the bachelorette is back and now I can drool over those fellas (um roberto, sexy!)

I finally had greek yogurt again! Its a rare commodity here! I went to whole foods after the sun run and bought the miniscule $5.99 container and enjoyed an oversized serving of it, nom nom! I also am in lurv with spaghetti squash this food is seriously so much fun – scraping it away from the sides into a spaghetti mess.

Now I’m off to watch the GaGa episode of Glee!

Happy times during the Olympics (Floor at a medal ceremony)



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2 responses to “For the thrill of it.

  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i’m so glad to hear you are doing well beautiful!! bahah love the boy section- bachelorette is amazing. I love Kirk =] can’t wait to read more the next time you post!!


  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVE your blog!! Congrats on the race too 🙂

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