Sorry I have fallen off the face of the earth since umm February and its almost April yikes! Well a few things have happened since then… Olympics ended, Paralympics happened and ended. Twas’ an amazing experience! I also got accepted to a Nursing program… yeaaa! I got rejected from two but the other day I came home from work to a nice acceptance package to a college in Ontario. The only downside is that it is Ontario… don’t get me wrong I love ontario as much as any other provinces (except for mine heheh) but I am from Vancouver, BC, which is quite a ways from Ontario. So hello huge college debt!


A little geography pour vous ^. So problems arise with housing, flights to & from ON. Plus I’m not sure if my college credits I have in BC will transfer to Ontario. BUT I’m still so happy and excited to have gotten accepted 🙂

Now onto a more serious-ish issue…. my weight. I have now added twenty unhealthy pounds to my frame since the end of November. I need to shed at least 15 to be able to fit back into my clothes. I exercise at least 6 days a week but I am eating WAY to much carb sugary food at work and whenever it’s in my house. I hate doing this weight loss thing but I’m to cheap to go out and buy more clothes and I know I feel better about myself when I am at my happy weight. So hopefully by my 20th Birthday on August 28th… I will be back to 127 pounds again 🙂

I probably won’t be blogging much till I’m done this semester of school because I have beaucoup a faire BUT I’m still reading all your blogs, they brighten up my day! CIAO BELLAS!

Q: How do all you college girls cope with the outrageous costs of college?



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  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    SO GLAD to hear from you!! congrats on being accepted 🙂 and you know what, even if you have some unwanted weight, u seem like you have been so happy and that is all that matters. I am sure you will get yourself to where you want to be in no time!!


    • Awh Shelley I miss you but I’m still reading your blog so I’m all caught up on your life 🙂 Thanks and I know weight isn’t the only thing that matters so I’m going to take my time losing the pounds so I don’t become miserable depriving myself of food.

  2. Wow! Good for you for being accepted. What part of Ontario? I’m living here (and originally from Newfoundland) so I hear you on that pricey part. I’m also going to BC this summer! You just have to check air plane flights like it’s your job. It’s tedious, but most times you can find flights for <$400. :/

    • Thanks! The school is in Sault St. Marie. The rent is cheaper than I thought like $400 a month but if I live on rez its like $8000 a year 😐 Oh I know the whole flight checking thing I did that like a half an a hour each day for roughly a month last summer when i was going to Italy haha.

  3. Ugh, college is SO EXPENSIVE, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I hope you get the situation figured out soon 😦 And about the weight, don’t stress too much…just cut out most of the sugar and you’ll be fine!! You’re gorgeous at any size 🙂

  4. Huge congrats on the acceptance! I wish I had some expenses advice for you but I’m living at home throughout my entire schooling so I’m definitely not in the same boat. I’m sure with a bit of searching and budgeting you can figure out a way to live effectively on the cheap though! And Ontario is the cool place to be 😉

    Good luck with the weight loss too. I’m sure you’ll have no problems once the high stresses of school come down a bit and you have more time to focus on yourself. No worries though, it’ll happen!

    • Bri

      I’m living at home while going to school right now… so life is pretty good on the financial front but going Ontario is.. well i have to find a way to make it happen. I think my weight loss regime won’t start working till after this semester because I’m pretty sure the stress from school is affecting my body and eating habits.

  5. So good to hear from you!! Congrats on being accepted! I remember during college that I was so poor one semester, I ate oatmeal 3x a day for a month…it was tragic. I felt so terrible all the time, but it was literally all I could afford. I got a job after that because it was too icky, and I couldn’t touch oatmeal for YEARS after that. I don’t recommend that strategy. 😉

    • Oh my god I hope I don’t have to resort to eating just oatmeal hopefully I’ll have the budget for at least apples and yogurt.. then I’d be a happy camper 🙂

  6. Glad you’re back at it!

    College loans…blow! I think I’ll be paying til forever. My only recommendation is to spend wisely! I wasted a lot of private loan money on clothes, meals out, etc. Just live frugally! Just think that money not being yours every time you want to spend something. Or double it — is it still worth it? Dang interest 🙂

    Congrats on getting into a program, though! That’s wonderful, and it IS worth the cost!

    • I know I’m slowly starting to realize going into debt for my education isn’t the best thing but not the worst either because it will benefit me in the long run!

  7. Rachel

    Hey, I’ve been following your blog for awhile (I’m from BC too)… Just wanted to say congrats on getting accepted into a program!! I’m just finishing my BSN, and I’m in a whole whack of debt… It’s pretty much unavoidable unless, yea know, you have someone “paying your way through.” Buuut, the experience you will have in nursing school will completely and totally be worth it! And you’ve got plenty of time in the future to work OT and double shifts to pay off the debt, ha… ha… ha.

    As for how to cope with costs when living away from home… Live frugally (well, be conscious of your money and where it goes), apply for every scholarship and bursary you can find, and do without a vehicle while in school… If you can!

    Best of luck!!

    • Hey yay another BC’er! Yeah I’m starting to understand and realize that I’m going to go into debt regardless if I stay in BC for school or go to Ontario. I’m definitely going to do without a car and I’m hoping I can get lots of shifts at my work this summer so I can save up some big money. Thanks for the advice! Good with your career in nursing 🙂

  8. SOOOOO good to hear from you love!! CONGRATS on getting accepted! you rock!!! miss you a lot 😦 love you!

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