Hey all! I hope your enjoying your Monday to the best of your abilities! Because i am. I cranked out a 4.15 mile run despite having a nasty chesty cold. Now I’m enjoying some Olympic coverage. I could be downtown taking in the amazingness live but I have to work today… totally cramping my Olympic style. I still can’t get over that the Olympics are happening in my hometown! How crazy!?! I have two weeks off school for the Olympics yess universities of the lower mainland 🙂 But i have two midterms, two papers and a reading assignment to do plus other class readings… yeah thanks profs!

I’ll recap my Olympic festivities thus far…

On Tuesday last week I saw the Olympic torch run my house… but my camera died just the torch was going past me. Major fail!

Then on Friday i watched half of the Opening Ceremonies at home then I headed downtown to see the torch being lit and to party it up with a million other people.


Honestly Vancouver is even more amazing now. There are  so many shows and things to go see. I saw this crazy show at Robson Square that has people going on zip-lines, fireworks and fire! We managed to find a bar to grab a few drinks and to escape the rain. Then we walked down to the see the torch, which to our dismay was fenced up! Say WHAT? so I did my best to capture a picture through the metal fencing.

I still don’t have any tickets to any events but it is a work in progress! I just have to take out a loan or something… kidding but that is how ridiculously expensive the prices are. $89,500 for four tickets to the Gold medal hockey game… no big deal that’s pocket change right?

I’ll probably go downtown on Thursday and Friday to soak up the Olympics. Seriously it’s like Canada Day on steroids right now! So many breakout of our national anthem.  It’s madness but I love it!  Now I have to put my MSC (marry Sidney Crosby) plan into action… I kidds maybe 🙂

White Rock pier… gorgeous!



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13 responses to “spirit

  1. so exciting that you are in the hub of it all…all you need to do is befriend an athlete and have them sneak you in to watch 😀

  2. What a great picture of the torch! I hope you can make it to an event! That would so awesome!

  3. That is so ridiculously cool that you are right there in the thick of things!! Sorry about all the school work, though…

  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    omg everything sounds so fun!! hope your cold gets better

  5. I’m so jealous you’re right where the action is! Even if you don’t get to go to the events (90 grand?!), it’s still such an awesome experience!

  6. So jealous, wish I was there!

  7. i am so jelous you get to go to the olympics! have fun love!

  8. JC

    How exciting! I’m originally from northern WA state (I make trips back often), not too far from Vancouver. I wish I were still back there so I could’ve made a trip to Vancouver for the Olympics! This is such a great thing for Canada right now.

  9. That’s amazing that you get to be there! Thanks for the pic of the torch!! So cool!

  10. Another Canadian!! I’m so jealous you were in the midst of the Olympic Party. I really enjoy your blog by the way!

  11. elise

    that pic of the torch is a BEAUT!!! werent those gold medal game prices $$$$$$$$$$$ – crazy!?!

  12. Did you feel as shitty as I did after they were over? arg 😦

    xox Vera

    • ah you have no idea i was so sad! They say athletes suffer from post olympic depression but I’m pretty sure all of vancouver was suffering from it!

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