doubling up

Hey all! No I haven’t gone into hiding but I am drowning with heaps of homework. Who knew three courses would require so much time!? On the bright side all my studying paid off for psyc I got 82% on my first exam, yeaa! Life is well, pretty darn boring at the moment but I have been getting more running in!

So I have two sets of product reviews for you (four in total).

FIrst off we have the infamous celestial seasonings tea.. I wasn’t quite able to try the christmasy flavas while I was in Europe but I found them on clearance at the grocery store the other week so I scooped two of those babies up

100_1553 1. Candy cane lane

Not a fan – I usually love mint tea but this one was just not my thang!

2. Gingerbread Spice

I quite liked this one. It tastes pretty much like regular chai tea but a bit more sugary (?).

I was quite bumbed I couldn’t find the sugar cookie one but I did see another flavour I would like to try, vanilla maple (yummz).


Next up we have Wild Garden Hummus Dip.
1. Regular – I liked this one but I think it need a bit more flavour to it imho.

2. Sun-dried tomato – Seriously can’t really tell the difference between the two except this one has a kinda revolting orange colour to it right when you open the container but it was still yummy in my tummy!

I’m going to try the garlic flavour next. Anyone not a fan of garlic?  I LOVE it!

Now onto a completely different topic, running! I started having problems with my knee while I was in Italy and I just kinda sucked it up but my knee was progressively getting worse so I decided to take some action because it was almost getting to painful to take the stairs at school :O

I decided to hook myself with some new runners that help with my over pronation problemo. The solution a ballin’ new pair of ASICS… to bad the price tag wasn’t to ballin.

000_0001 I also started taking glucosamine tablets to help out my joints since I am secretly eighty years old not nineteen.

If my knee gets better within the next few weeks I may sign up for a half marathon that happens on may 2nd. But I’m still not entirely sure if I want to do it that weekend since I signed up to do a 10km the week after. There is also another half marathon on June 27th which I will probably do.

And lastly, THE OLYMPICS ARE IN 11 DAYS! I’m so excited! Vancouver is going to be nutzo for two weeks straight! A bunch of my friends are going downtown for the opening ceremonies to just soak up all the excitement and also because we are to poor to pay $600 for a ticket (no joke that’s the price tag for one ticket to the opening ceremonies!). I picked up a Canada hoodie and water bottle the other day to show off my Canadian pride 🙂

Now I’m off to ptfo like my baby coop did… once I read some more Hamlet… I hate English lit sometimes! I will try to post more regularly to mes amis!




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13 responses to “doubling up

  1. I have been so addicted to tea lately, so loved your post. 🙂 And I’m constantly putting up pics of my kitty, so love that too!! Really nice blog!

  2. I was never able to find ANY of the seasonal flavors 😦 Bummer.

    I hear you with the knee. I injured mine in 9th grade and had surgery but 6 years later it still gives me trouble. Double bummer.

    SO exciting about the Olympics though! That will be a blast!

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i hoep your knee feels better son! i like the packaging of that hummus dip- i’ve never seen that before, lol. good job on your exam!

  4. Danielle

    I have that gingerbread tea! It’s one of my favorites 🙂

    I love the new shoes (because they’re pink) & I’ve heard good things about Asics.

  5. Hey Bri … we want to send you more Wild Garden to win you over : ) … if you don’t mind, send your mailing address and I’d like to ship a sampler box of all 8 of our Wild Garden hummus dip products … we love candid views and listen to everyone. Thanks for taking the time to try our product. We want to win you over : )
    Ray Hanania

  6. i still haven’t been able to find candy cane lane! i sort of neeeed to try it bc mint tea is my favorite. even if you gave it a thumbs down haha

  7. That could be a picture of my kitty! Identical. Cat twins, perhaps?

    Also, I have those running shoes and I love them so much. I actually have 3 pairs.

  8. I like candy cane lane and not gingerbread spice 🙂 It was too gingery for me.

    I love those hummuses!!!

    Be careful with your knee darling!!! Love Asics though!

  9. I adore sugar cookie sleigh ride tea! It literally tastes and smells like a watered down sugar cookie 😉

  10. HEY LOVE!!
    i hope you are doing awesome!
    im not a tea girl-but i did like the sugar cookie!
    love your shoes!
    ahh i have knee problems too-gota rest it!

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