Alright, so this post is going to be a tad different than my other posts… tonight I had a pretty awkward experience with my friends. I drove over to my friends house to hang out and i thought they were going to have some drinks or something but no, I show up and they are hot boxing the garage. In defense of my friends they are great people but love to smoke pot. Anyways, my friends know I don’t smoke pot anymore – I did when I was in high school than realized it wasn’t for me and I didn’t gain anything from doing it. So I basically I got there and was like I can’t stay… I can’t go home reeking like weed. They tried to persuade me to stay with there persuasive stoned words but no I left. I feel like I acted kinda irrationally but they know I don’t smoke so why would I want to sit around them breathing in their second hand smoke. I love my friends to bits but they just don’t get it. I have no problem with them smoking –  it’s their life but why should I be left out of the fun social events because of this… Has anyone ever dealt with this situation before?



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  1. I would’ve done the same thing. I hate normal smoking never mind pot smoking. Unfortunately it’s always the nonsmokers that have to make the sacrifices and get left out. Smokers don’t always understand that we don’t want to breathe in their smoke. Before smoking was banned in puplic places I’d be sat with my friends and they’d light up I had to either move or just put up with it. It’s not so bad now as they’ll nip outside for a quick smoke then come back indoors.

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    im glad that you got yourself out of a situation that makes you uncomfortable. i have definitely been in situations that i feel uncomfortable and it is soo awkward- but you handled it really well!!


  3. I would have done the same thing. It takes guts to stand up for YOUR needs. Proud of you, girl. As far as being left out…doesn’t sound like you WERE left out. They were smoking, you were welcome to stay if you wanted to, whether you smoked or not. Maybe next time you could suggest something like bowling/dinner/movie/bar/club to make sure that you can be involved?

  4. I would have done the exact same thing. In fact, I have. In college, I did my fair share of drinking…but since graduating, I’ve decided it’s not for me. Now it’s always awkward when college friends want to go out because I just don’t really do it anymore. I don’t mind just hanging out, but there’s a point (like 2am) when I’m tired or it and want to go home…so I do. Without fail, I get bombarded with comments about being a party pooper. But, whatever – it’s my life, it’s your life. Do what you want! Your friends just want you to hang out, and they want to feel like they are normal for doing what they were doing…no judgment, it’s just you should be able to guiltlessly do what you want.

  5. I’m exactly the same way with pot. I have never tried it, and don’t intend to, but could really care less if my friends do it as long as it doesn’t become the only thing they do. People have tried to talk me into it, but it’s just not for me! Although it’s great to be social and let loose with your friends, it’s important to stick to your convictions and do what YOU want. I’m glad you held your ground though…as you can see here, you have tons of support from this community!

  6. girl i am so proud of you for doing what is right!! that WAS The right thing to do and your body will thank you for that!!

  7. it’s amazing that you were able to stand up to your friends and do what was best for you. SO many people could never do that. your friends won’t dislike you for having your own opinion… if anything, they probably admire your morals and respect you for that. you didn’t cause a scene – you simply made a choice. if they are your friends, they’ll respect that. i would have 100% done the same – i hate the smell of smoke and would be RIPPED TO SHREDS if i came home smelling like pot.

  8. I would love to be snail mail buddies!! I wonder what the US has that Canada doesn’t. I’m sure you can get it easily though, but it’d be fun to have snail mail again!! I always want mail at college haha

  9. i just wanted to tell you i love you!

  10. Danielle

    I probably would have done the same thing. A lot of people I know in college smoke & pressure everyone else to do it too (yeah…peer pressure like in middle school). I think it’s great that you didn’t go along with the crowd. I don’t care if people think I’m a “buzzkill” or a “prick”…I’ll do what I want 😉

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