back in the swing of things

   Allo mes belles! How are you all doing? I’m getting back into my normal life here vcity. School started on Monday and I’m already drowning in heaps of class readings. I’m only taking three classes to! I really need to get serious this semester since I am on academic warning and if I don’t get my gpa WAY up I will be… well lets just hope I don’t have to get to that point. I’m pretty pleased with my schedule for school because it pretty much leaves me the mornings free to go out for a run then do some class work before i head to schizzo. I’m taking English: focusing on male pairs in fiction, Sociology and Psychology.

I’m also back at work now to… I was hoping to get three shifts a week but so far I just have one… on Saturday nights – basically the worst shift of the week but oh well the sched will changed in a few weeks anyways.

The other day i signed myself up for the Vancouver sun run… I believe its the second largest 10km race in North America but i could be wrong. I needed to do this so I have a running goal set in mind. I’m not sure if I am ready to do the BMO half marathon which happens on May 1st again. But who knows I may complete a half marathon somewhere in 2010.

Lets skip back to new years (sorry for the hodge podge post)… My friends and I rented three hotel rooms downtown and got tickets for a nye at a club. Twas’ a fun evening and before the festivities (aka super drinkage) I went shopping and bought myself a dress and these super popular items… 100_1548

“Wear your heart on your hands” Olympic mittens (and no I don’t have left hands I just wanted to show you the awesomeness on the flip side). Seriously these mitts get sold out everywhere. Fun Fact: The Olympic merchandise peeps estimate that 1 in 4 Canadians will own a pair of these by the time the Olympics come here (just over on month till party time!). Anyways back to an array of nye photos…


Classy hotel room drinking and me resembling Barney (don’t worry I ditched the cardi before leaving)

To many vodka 7’s were consumed that night and I ended up leaving before most of my friend because my shoes were killing my feet to the point where I had to take my shoes off to walk on the street (and we all know how dirty city sidewalks are) so I’m considering this part of my night a big fail.

The other day I finally found myself a can of pumpkin and whipped up the infamous Pumpkin pie cakes…


LOVE – I see this dish repeating many times.

Now I must get back to reading the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad… snooooze! Also I must introduce you to my new love….

My blackberry… I literally picked this up the day after I got back from Europe 🙂



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7 responses to “back in the swing of things

  1. School starts on wed for me and I am already dreading it. I have to also kick up into high gear this semester too..more so on the academic side..oh boy! Good Luck with your semester:)

  2. I’m back to work now and everything’s back to normal, like Christmas was months ago 🙂

  3. Glad you’re getting back into the swing of things, sorry about your failed night…uncomfortable shoes ruin everything! 🙂

    Good luck with all your school work!

  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i am so happy you are posting againn.. sounds like you are doing great! you look so beautiful and happy.


  5. yay for posting! LOVE your dress!!! and pumpkin pie!! glad you are doing good!

  6. Taking time off of running sucks, but it’s definitely worth it once you are healthy again. Plus you don’t want to make things worse. I held off going to the doctor because of money issues until a year later and it was a good thing I went once it got real bad because it could’ve led to full permanent nerve damage and I would’ve lost the ability to use my legs. So thank goodness for going before it got worse!

    p.s I’m also doing a half marathon 🙂 april 11th. My first one!!

  7. Just found your blog…I love it! You are beautiful girl! 🙂

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