Almost done

Two days m’dears, till I am done au pairing. I think its totally appropriate for me to jump with joy and do a little dance. Three months of seriously tough mental & physical labour dunzo! But I will be a tad sad to leave this little kiddo… meet oliver and his worn out and scrubbed up nanny.

nanny bri & ollie

Since being in England I have

1. Eaten my weight in chocolate and added on a few pounds of cushion… hopefully it will help keep me warm when i am freezing off my biscuits in a Parisian hostel.

2. Tried Pink Lady Apples for the first time..

new obsession

My new favourite apple – super delish!

3. Been accused of being a criminal by the au pair mom (yeah what a fun conversation that was)
Note: I have no criminal record and only went to the principals office ONCE throughout all of years of school… clearly this women is delusional.

4. Registered for courses at midnight – time change is no bueno! I’m taking a psychology, intro to sociology and an english course (with reading list that makes me want to cry already).

5. Fell in love with Primark and Marks & Spencer

6. Saw the city’s Christmas lights turn on!

christmas lights showcasing my poor photog skills

… the list could go on and on! I’m off to London on the 10th, then paris then italy where my cousin is taking me to Florence! Sadly, i wont be hitting up Rome (gasp!) but thats just another reason to return to Italy.

I probably won’t be posting again until after the 21st which is when I get to my super fab country 🙂 How I miss you Canada. So long for now & Happy holidays!



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6 responses to “Almost done

  1. 1. Pink lady apples are my favorite!

    2. Primark is AMAZING

    3. I’ve been putting on my winter cushion with chocolate as well. Have to keep warm in Paris somehow!

  2. aahhaha I love that your evidence for “not being a criminal” was that you only went to the principal’s office once. That says it all. You are adorable.

    Good luck wrapping up and safe travels back to Canada!

  3. shell625

    congrats for almost being done! i’ve missed your posts. & i cant believe teh mom accused you of being a criminal- aww! haha. you are too cute & hope you get home safely


  4. I was thrilled to see an update! What a cute little Brit you took care of! Ahh the drama of nannying. Im glad nothing too serious came out of the nannying mama drama.

    Have an amazing vacation! Looking forward to your next post!

  5. What an adorable little boy! Have fun on your upcoming travels.

  6. I wanted to be an au pair when I was younger… but still was too old (27).

    Im reading your blog. its full of things that I LOVE!

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