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Hey amicas! I thought I would squeeze in some blogging time before the kids come home from school. Today I got a nice break and headed over to Padova for a few hours so I could chill with my other au pair girls. I bought the book ps. I love you from the international book store. I saw the movie but emily (one of the au pairs from the UK) said the book is way better so I was sold. Emily was a sweetheart and brought me the dvd Love Actually to borrow. Anyone seen it?

I headed out for a run this morning at 7am because I didn’t have to wake the kids up. It was nice and easy but oh my god my knee is killing me! I’m going to get my mama to send me my tensor bandage I left at home to me because it hurts just to walk on my leg sometimes. Has anyone ever gotten a pain on the inside part of their knee and its kinda of a throbbing pinching pain? Its kinda where your knee cap meets your leg? I apologize for my bad description haha. I biked to the train station (about 30 minutes) and hopped aboard!

Alright so onto my day trip this sunday…. VERONA!

We took the train there and hit up a few prime tourist spots such as Juliets House, the Arena and Torre dei lombarti.

First stop – Juliets House (The Juliet from Romeo & Juliet just in case you didn’t know) 🙂

Apparently grabbing juliets boobs is good luck. I'm enjoying this way to much!

Apparently grabbing juliets boobs is good luck. I'm enjoying this way to much!

Juliets Balcony

Juliets Balcony

Next stop the gorgeous arena… It is still being used as an amphitheatre to this day!

Inside the Arena

Inside the Arena

just chilling in a really old coliseum - no big deal.

just chilling in a really old coliseum - no big deal.

The Tower was 368 steps up… I was so sweaty after that treck haha.

View of Verona from Torre dei Lombarti

View of Verona from Torre dei Lombarti

We sat down at Cafe Pizza (original or what?!) I ordered the pizza en funghi after much deliberation. I ate about 2/3 of this plate. It was HUGE but oh so good! I totally deserved this pizza after the hike up the bell tower.

Pizza en Funghi aka fantastic!

Pizza en Funghi aka fantastic!

We wandered aimlessly around the city for many hours and then headed on home. I was seriously pooped after this day of walking. I came home and cuddled up with my new favourite tea (picture to come) and skyped with my fam (miss you!).

There is your mini tour of Verona and you didn’t even have to leave your house! Sorry for the lack of food pictures but you got one of geniune italian food! Now I must return to the life of an au pair and clean the bathroom & make the kids snacks before they come home… fun. Till next time!

Update: So I took a sec to research my knee injury on the web (ligit i know) and I came up with this – Chondromalacia of the Knee it seems to fit what I am feeling but I ain’t no MD. Prognosis – not good!



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24 responses to “View from the top

  1. Great tour thank you. I saw this city on a TV program called Coach Trip and they went on Juliets balcony.

  2. I know I always say this, but I am sooooo jealous of your current location!!!

    Hope your knee feels better!

  3. Meg

    Oh my goodness, gorgeous! Both you and the location! I’ve never seen P.S. I Love You – but I heard it was pretty good 🙂

    Hope your knee feels better!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  4. I absolutely love the movie Love Actually! It’s kinda bizarre and hilarious and amazing! Lol! Terrible description but you def have to watch it! Ow your knee/leg problem sounds annoying! My friend has an annoying ligament/tendon issue in around the same place that took heasp of different physios to find out what was wrong only to end up with they can’t do anything about it and she just has to put up with it! However, thinks its pretty uncommon so maybe you just pulled a tendon/ligament in your knee!

    Loved the pic of the totally authentic italian food 🙂


  5. Sounds like such a fun little vaca!! Love all the pics 🙂 Its so fun to go new places and explore.. your outfit for the day trip was super cute too!

    Love Actually is an A+ girl movie, you’ll love it… no doubt about it

    And I’ve actually gotten pain in that spot on my knee too at times! I think it was mostly because of an incident in field hockey when I kinda twisted it & haven’t felt much pain since then but I just made sure to ice, ice, ice!!!! Hope it gets better 🙂

  6. Holy cow – what amazing sights! I am kind of obsessed with Romeo and Juliet – so I am kind of jealous. 🙂

    Sorry about the bum knee.

  7. Hello m’darlin’!! You girls look so cute in those photos!! Looks like the weather is beautiful there, albeit a bit chilly? Mmm Italian pizza is amazing–milk it while you’re there! Aimless wandering if my favorite activity when traveling 🙂

  8. Wow, Verona sounds amaaazing! Ack, I’m so jealous! LOL at the Juliet’s boobs thing!

    I’ve seen Love Actually (it was a while back though) and it was cute 🙂

  9. So wish I made it to Verona when I went to Venice. I missed out on a good book squeeze! Oh well.

  10. i hope your knee gets better soon!

  11. Ah, one of my goals in life is to eat pizza in Italy.

    You look gorgeous in all those pictures!!

  12. lowandbhold

    Your trip looks so fun! Sorry about your knee pain 😦

  13. Sounds like you are having a great time!!! That pizza looks so delicious – I LOVE mushrooms!

  14. Mushrooms on pizza = best topping ever 🙂

  15. Gahhhh how I wish I could spend my days wandering for hours on end in places like Verona with beautiful scenery and delicacy eats. Lucky girl! I hope your knee is feeling better soon!

  16. Home is where the heart is, but Bri, my dear, Italy is where the PIZZAAA is. Yum! And so well deserved too. Yeah, just a little jealous. 😉

  17. Sorry about the knee pain. Hope the bandage helps if your mom can send it. I saw Love Actually, but didn’t like it much. I know a lot of people who love that movie, though!

  18. mmm that pizza looks sooo good!!

    I hope your knee is feeling better! 🙂

  19. wow that sure is one beautiful destination!! juliets balcony has an awesome view!

    hope the knee feels better!

  20. i hope your knee feels bettter Missy! That doesn’t sound fun at all.

    Hurray for pizza though!

    happy weekend, cuteness!

  21. What a great day! Sorry about the knee. Watch Love Actually, it will make it better!

  22. shell625

    so lucky to be somewhere so beautiful!! and thanks for the advice girlie.. you are so sweet 🙂


  23. I totally wish I was somewhere else right now – lucky you!!!

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