When boredom strikes…

This morning was a rather boring one… I got up with the kids and did my usual routine with them and snacked on to many carbs then went on my run. I got home and still had two & half hours to kill until I had to start preparing lunch. I was mindlessly snacking away in the kitchen (I gotta stop this!!) when I decided to head up to the grocery store. Nuccia hates when I do this because she supposed to pay for my food but I was bored and needed something to do. Regardless of her rule, I headed on my merry way on my ghetto a$s bicycle. I picked up some much needed veggies. I’m probably way to excited about this but you would be to if you ate bad carbs all day long!

I bought head of brocolli, a yellow bell pepper, two cucs, toothfloss (I forgot mine at home – this was much needed!), fanta zero grapefruit and *drumroll please* TOTAL FAGE 0%.

I know alot of you are rolling your eyes saying wow fage but I’ve never tried it before because well I never looked for it. SO as soon as I got home I ripped open the seal and took a taste…. I LOVE IT! I love the consistency – it almost has a mousse-y consistency(?). I will defs be getting this again.

By the way, pardon all the veggies in plastic bags. Italians are nutzo you have to wear a plastic glove to pick out your fruits & veggies for one then you have to put them in a beg, weight them and stamp them.. odd?

Here a two pictures of the church in my town. I took these on tuesday when i wanted to escape the awkward lunch convo with Luca.


The church is nice but I’ve seen way prettier ones in other towns.

I am SO excited for this Sunday because I am meeting another au pair in Padova! She’s from the Uk and I’m just so freaking stoked to meet someone going through the same situation as me. She’s really homesick like me so it should be a fun day of shopping and getting lost haha.

This week (starting last Saturday) I decided to take a break from caffeine… my fanta may have some in it but I mean tea & coffee. I was drinking WAY to much of this stuff and making my self bloatify. I’ve almost made to the one week point – lets see if I can make it!

Bye girls, I’m off to enjoy my hundreth cup of fanta! Plus I need to mention I’m totally jealous of all the lucky girls heading to NYC this weekend!



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9 responses to “When boredom strikes…

  1. don’t worry girl, i get it! FAGE is delicious, and because it cost a pretty penny it better taste damn good 🙂

  2. LOVE fage! I first discovered when I lived in Spain!!

  3. LOVEEEE FAGE! And I believe it’s cheaper in Europe. Because that stuff can get expensive, it’s 2.50 a container here in Hawaii!

    Glad to hear about the au pair meetup, sounds like exactly what you need!

  4. julie

    Mmmm fage was my first greek yog ever and I still think it has the number one consistency 🙂 glad you snagged yourself one!

    Have fun with your new friend this weekend! That’s so exciting for you 🙂

  5. Bec

    WOOO love fanta 🙂 have a great time this weekend with the au pair from the UK

  6. fanta! i used to drink that in high school 🙂 have fun this weekend!!!

  7. ahh I miss fanta!! I haven’t had it in ages. And of course fage is awesome!

    have a great weekend!!

  8. I’m so excited you found Fage!! Have you tried other Greek yogurts?? If not, holy discovery!! Have a fab fab weekend m’dear!

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