I love Tuesdays

Why do I love Tuesdays you ask… Well because the kids I am nannying go to school until 5pm! FREEDOM for me! Then on thursday the little girl, Vittoria, goes until 5pm as well but her brother comes home at 1pm like usual this year (bummer). I already went on my run today and I’m planning on going on a bike ride around town to snap some pics and pick up a few things from the store. Usually I am expected to prepare lunch for the kids but today they eat at school but the dad comes home for lunch but I ain’t cooking just for him because thats not apart of my job so I’m peacing it while he is home haha. Plus he is kind of awkard to talk to.

I went to Treviso this Sunday for a little shopping. I hit up United Colors of Benetton and bought a pair of black jeans… I hate value of the Canadian Dollar versus the Euro =( Then I went to a few more stores and I found one that is very similar to Forever 21. It’s called Promod! I bought a grey tunic from there…

Yesterday, Nuccia (the mom) went to the grocery store and I swear 85% of the things she bought were carbs! Now the “carb cupboard” is fully stocked, check’r out!

She also bought a huge bag of grapes… I’ve already demolished half the bag.


Nuccia also bought me three sweet taters! I know what I will be cooking up for dinner tonight… sweet tater fries =)

100_1121This cereal is bomb! Its so good with my yogurt or just a good old snack. We go through like two boxes a week.

100_1120Reason #1 of why my jeans are getting tighter.

Check out my bike I will be riding later…


I think its a mix between The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins? It gets me from point A to point B plus the ragged basket is handy dandy!

Now I’m catching up on the latest episode of GG and reading all your fabulous blogs, can I just say that I wish I was going to NYC this thursday because its going to be packed with my fave bloggers. Have fun girls! Ciao Bellas!

Question du jour:
What songs are on your workout playlist?
-I need high intensity songs to get me going. I love Beyonce’s, Diva and Heads will roll by the Yeah yeah yeahs.



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13 responses to “I love Tuesdays

  1. Meg

    I love Tuesdays as well 🙂 Enjoy your day – catching up on GG sounds great 😉

    I just did a post on workout tunes haha! I love new songs – I’m obsessed with Jay Sean-Down, and a lot of oldies as well, like the Beach Boys 😛


  2. Love Heads Will Roll! I love running to MGMT-Kids; and Electric Feel. Enjoy GG!

  3. Bec

    Cute shopping finds 🙂 Glad you are having some more free time to enjoy yourself!

  4. Haha – I know that awkward “parent talk” when kids aren’t around. Hooray for your free day, though!

    I love working out to Eminem – it makes me feel hardcore.

    Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  5. LOL, I’m the opposite…I play broadway musical music, Christian gospel and Abba!

  6. i love your bike! is so vintage-y!

  7. I wish you were coming to NYC too! Am I remembering wrong, or are you coming to the UK at some point?

    I love that cereal- British special-k is pretty much identical (nothing like what is in the US!) Good stuff 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your day of FREEDOM!

    • I am going to the UK in december! I am looking up flights on ryan air right now actually haha. The cereal is so addicting I probably eat two servings a day!

  8. Fabulous grey tunic!! I lost my ipod when I moved from Sweden to the US 😦 So sadly no playlist for me.. when I actually get an ipod again, it will be a real treat to listen to music while working out.

    Haha, they had the same “fitness” cereal in Sweden. I thought it was funny when I saw it in the stores.

  9. julie

    Haha holy carb closet!!

    Creeepy rich father? No thank you! Haha hope you can update your ipod soon girl 🙂

  10. If GG means Gilmore Girls then we’ve got to talk! haha Most Favorite Show EVER! 😀

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