Its been 21 days since I arrived in Italy… I kinda wish more have passed. I’m trying to be optimalistic (oh yeah I am The Optimalist haha). I wish I could say the kids are getting better but they aren’t… everyday its the same old news, meaning they don’t listen to me and i have to repeat myself about 5 times before they listen to me. Two and a bit more months then I am jetting my booty off to Paris and London! Plus I’m hoping to do some retail therapy in Treviso this Sunday on my one day off.

This weekend my cousin, Davide, rescued me and we went out to a bar/pub called Home in Treviso and ate lots of not so great food (seriously I am not getting the good Italian food I was told about!) and danced a bit and I tried to speak some english with his friends but that didn’t go so well haha. We got home at 3am and then I hit the sack. The next day I lazed around their apartment and ate way to many funky Italian baked goods. We went on a little hike and saw some caves, then they drove me home to mi casa.

My running got better on Monday I knocked off about a minute an a half from my regular time but today I fell back to my 36 minute time frame. The sucky thing is I have no idea how far I am running… I’m guessing just over 6 km but I can mapmyrun it because I’m running in the unmapped countryside. Oh yeah the countryside, a little story pour vous… When I was running on Saturday I saw three men with rifles and hunting dogs mhm just about had a heart attack… needless to say I made it home pretty fast that day! Here is a picture of the start of my running route… running path

Now onto the title… My body is going into shock, it doesn’t know what to do with all the carbohydrates I am eating (hence why I should probably stop shoveling them down my throat!). I need good carbs – veggies where art thou? I need to buy some broc tomorrow because I’ve been living off of lettuce, cucumber and carrots. Definitely not enough variation there! I have been eating my weight in grapes though. Seriously grapes here are AMAZING! My blood glucose levels might be sky high but my taste buds are happy =)

Some of you may know I am currently waiting to get into Nursing programs back home and I hoping/praying that I get into one for January… I should hear a response within the next two weeks. I check my status everyday and all i see is this..c'mon!

Here are some more pictures of Venice so I don’t bore you all to bits! Second picture look very closely and you’ll see me in my pink top. Seriously Davide learn how to use zoom!
Now I’m waiting for it to be 1 o’clock back on the west coast so I can have a Skype date with my mama to tell her about my week! I’m off to read my book… On Beauty by Zadie Smith (Anyone read it?). I’ve finished Bridget Jones and Deadly Decisions (the books inspired the TV show Bones)… I’m quickly running out of English books to read!

ATTENTION…I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and do a little Q&A post soon so please ask me ANYTHING you want in the comment area of this post!

I apologzie if the pictures don’t show up, wordpress why you gotta play games with me!



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9 responses to “Carbalicious!

  1. Haha los italianos certainly are carb-loaders… but it looks beautiful, and i’m jealous! fingers crossed that you hear back from an RN program! I’m working on apps for an RD program now, bleh

  2. Gah, nannying is definitely crazy. Silvino is doing better in general but he still has his moments.

    I remember being excited for Italian food in Venice too, but afterward I was told that Venice actually is one of the few regions that really isn’t well known for its view. Not the best thing for a foodie to hear. But then the views of the Venice canals took my breath away and all was ok. Shouldn’t produce be fairly well priced? There isn’t a market near your home?

    Good luck with the nursing program!

  3. Rooting for you and hoping the 2 and a bit months fly by. Whereabout in Italy are you? My dad moved back to the UK recently after teaching English there…he hated it and the more he has told me about it, the less I want to go. Doesn’t sound like it’s made out to be in the movies!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the nursing program!!!

  4. I would love to go to Italy, we should swap and you come to the UK πŸ™‚
    If you’re looking for a good English book look for The Queen and I by Sue Townsend. It’s about the royal family who are abolished and moved to a council estate in Yorkshire (near where I live btw) and how they manage to live. It’s hilarious and one of my favourite books.

  5. Bec

    Thats nice that you have a cousin close by to rescue for the weekend! And its good that you have your London and Paris trip to look forward too πŸ™‚

  6. congrats girl on shaving off a minute and half!! your totally awesome πŸ™‚

    wow have fun in london and paris!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    Something I’ve learned – kids don’t listen. Ever. They always have more important things to think about. It’s infuriating – hang in there!

  8. great pictures I love them!! hang in there!! πŸ™‚ i’ll be there one day i just know it (having the kids not listen).

  9. I know it’s hard now but take advantage of your wonderful experience and cherish every minute!!!! I totally didn’t appreciate every moment when I was in Mexico and London and regret it now. Don’t get me wrong, I explored a lot and ate good food and did a lot of sight seeing but it was hard for me to appreciate just how priceless of an opportunity it was living in a foreign country!!

    Glad you’re getting some running in–what a beautiful neighborhood you live in! I had so many pastries and pasta when I went to Italy. Just live it up m’dear! I’m serious. Don’t worry about it. Embrace every aspect of your adventure because it won’t last forever!

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