Growing Pains

First off, I want to thank you all for your very, very kind words! I appreciate them so much! Your blogs have been getting me through the days – a little taste of my normal life! The ultimate Gourmande has been very amazing to – she is nannying in Hawaii so she’s in the same boat as yours truly. I finally got to go somewhere this past weekend on my one day off a week, thanks to my wicked long lost cousin Davide and his fiancée, Chiara (no thanks to the family I am au pairing for). I went to a party got my drank on… the drink was totally gross but very strong!! I got to see the town my family is originally from met my great grandma’s (bese nonna – ooh italiano!) sister and other extended family. I went to Venice!! We just went there for a few hours, saw St.Marco’s Square and people watched!  I’ve already made plans to go out with them this weekend for Davide’s Birthday – party time! basilica
Venicee! venice!
me & chiara (pint size bundle of joy!)
Davide needs to learn the concept of the zoom button!

Onto the food… My stomach has not been doing so well. Everyday I get wicked stomach aches and the whole digestion dealio is way out of wack. Today I felt sick to my stomach so I called it quits… well when technically I am allowed to but the mom seemed pissed that I wanted to go to bed. So right now I am watching 90210 and reading blogs to make my tum feel better!I did try some bomb gelato… nutella flava! I have to be careful though because of my lactose intolerancy.

Exercise… I’ve been getting a run in or a bike ride in everyday! I take my one or two days off a week when i can’t take time away from being a slave an au pair. Tomorrow I am toughing it up and going for a run at 6am because I have to go to Padua to do some paperwork at the Police station (intense sh!t). Lets see what the parents have to say about me getting up early tomorrow… as you can see we don’t exactly meet eye to all the time.

Question du jour…What do you eat for your pre-run (or any type of cardio) snack and how long before do you eat it?!

Update: Just spoke with one of the family’s other au pairs and got some tips on how to survive in Italia =) Pretty much be tough on the kids, do what you are told and go out on your days & nights off and don’t care what the parents say!



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9 responses to “Growing Pains

  1. I just asked a similar Q tonight! For non-running 1-2 hours before hand. Running has to be 4 hours beforehand!! I KNOW. My stomach is terrrrrible. Hence, I don’t really have a pre-workout snack per se!

    Venice looks SO BEAUTIFUL right now!! The weekend I was there (I also posted a photo from there!) it was rainy and cold.

    Glad you are getting your exercise in and sorry for the tummy woes 😦

  2. Thanks for reading my blog!! I can’t eat before I exercise (usually) but if I do…it’s something boring like dry toast.

    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Tay

    Aww babes, I hope your tum feels better. That sounds like one of the best gelato flavors ever invented!! Just gotta say.

    I usually eat a good sized meal about 1 1/2 hours beforehand. Or if I haven’t eaten for about 3-4 hours, I’ll have a small snack about 30 minutes before. Usually something carby!

  4. Meg

    Hey Bri, thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 I really adore yours! Hope your stomach is feeling better! 🙂 Before I workout, I have a piece of fruit + some source of carbs, or half of a bar, like a Larabar. Usually works for me, without weighing me down, or causing me to get hungry half way through working out 😛 which is never a good feeling!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Sending good vibes your way…both for your stomach and the au pair situation. Sounds like you got some solid advice- at the end of the day, it’s an experience. Might not be 100% fun and rainbows, but chill out, have a good time and breathe…

    Pre-run snacks: I don’t run! Toast with nut butter seems popular! When I was still dancing, I’d eat a decent breakfast around 7:30, a piece of fruit around 10 and class at 10:30 which worked for me.

  6. I usually eat a nutrition no no before my run – simple, refined carbs and hour before. usually like some form of kids cereal.

    I am dying to go to italy – those pictures are stunning!!

  7. I eat ten carrots one hour before any workout. That’s it. Some days I may have a piece of babel cheese along with it, but it works for me either way.

  8. Erica

    I eat at least two hours before I run. The longer my run is planned to be, the longer the food needs to sit before I move! (I figured this out the hard way 😉 )

  9. traynharder23

    sometimes i eat like an hour/30 minutes before, so it’s like fast digested stuff like cereal or yogurt. or nut butter and fruit/celery. it’s good. =D

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