Days go by

It’s been on week since I’ve left home and I have to say the days are going a bit better but there are still times when i want to run away from the kids when they are being little demons.. I had a good chat with the parents last night and I defs see myself having a bit more time to go out once it becomes october and the kids go to school for longer and have more sport activities. Yay day trips!

I told you before about the family’s love for carbs and here is the cold hard evidence of their carb addiction! A person on the atkins diet would fail miserably here… or just starve! carbs!

Then my little drawer of veggies… all of which have been bought since I arrived minus the cabbage. my wee veggies

I’m having a serious yogurt dilemma… At home I bought two tubs a yogurt a week and polished them off and now I’m having a hard time finding skim yogurt (lactose intolerance right hurr!) and I had to buy just these two 125g  containers for 1.29 euros rip off! small italian yogurt
all you get is two!

Here is a photo of the the house… Pretty gorg! mi casa

I’m so bummed today because I wanted to go out for a run but its down pouring and there is thunder and lightning… I guess I can do some exercise tv vids? Run for sure tomorrow! I did do some vaccuming and some beds  for 10 minutes so maybe that counts as cardio? Me kidds. At least, I’ve been able to go out for some form of exercise whether it be a walk or run since friday.

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my homesickness I really appreciate it! I love reading them every morning… or night!

What exercises do you do inside when the weather is poop, when there are no exercise machines around?



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8 responses to “Days go by

  1. That is a gorgeous house 😀 Are there stairs? Running up and down stairs can be a good work-out. I used to take a lot of dance classes so go through stretches and strength practices at home sometimes. There is a yoga download website that I think offers some free classes?

  2. I don’t do that much exercise indoors, so I just do a dance workout DVD (I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog) which I really enjoy. You don’t feel like it’s exercise so much.

  3. A jump rope would probably be a great investment–if the Italian famiglia didn’t mind the pounding haha… Do you like greek yogurt? When I was in Europe–I switched to eating Greek because the regular yogurts all come in those tiny little containers and are super artificial

  4. That house is SOOO pretty and humongous! Mmm I spot some Nutella 🙂 Jumping jacks are usually my go-to indoor exercise. They get the heart rate up and don’t take a lot of space. They’re actually quite challenging to do it for a long period of time without stopping! Glad things are better m’dear.

  5. I also do yoga if the weather is bad. It is quite calming when it is raining outside. Sorry to hear that you are a bit homesick. When I lived in Sweden (for 2 years) the only time I got homesick was during the holidays. Do you have skype? That made it really easy for me to talk with my family and I could see them over the webcam.

  6. sorry about your homesickness m’dear!
    sometimes if i’m up to it i’ll tough it out even if it is down pouring on me while i run. otherwise i just do crunch… which i loath, or simply nothing at all.
    i hope you get your run in tomorrow though!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    I lived with a fam in France for 3 weeks and it is first hard to adjust, so I feel for you shawty! But I am sure they are really sweet and kind and don’t be afraid to “try” to say anything because I am sure they are wanting to help you feel at home as possible! My fam had tons of carbs too… baguette with butter and jam in the morning, huge lunches, and pasta at tonight with more bread! But I didn’t seem to gain any weight! I think it’s because you adapt into their lifestyle and it’s just the way things are over there! So enjoy everything immensely and have the time of your life!!!! Blogging will FASHO help you feel better because we are always here to support your beautiful self! 😀

  8. ahhh im so jealous your in italy! but i know it can be hard. i did the same trip brooke did (except a summer before) and it takes time to adjust to their fatty foods! (especially when your a healthy eater to being with!) but hang in there because the experience will be TOTALY worth 2 lbs. and do 8 minute abs! i know it sounds hilar but brooke showed it to me on youtube this summer and im obsessed!

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