La (sorta) dolce vita

So its just about the end of day three here and I have many breakdowns… mostly in my room at night because I miss home, my family and friends. Its not so much that I’ve been gone four days but the fact that I still have over three months until I am home again. Today went a bit better though… I got two things that made my life a little bit more normal 1. I got to eat vegetables (seriously all this family eats is carbs!) and 2. I got to go for a run. I also went out to see the very little town I am staying in. Its really cute and has funky old italian buildings. I may go out exploring on tuesday since the kids are at school until 5 (suckers!).

Today I ran/walked for 37 minutes and it was wonderful. My Grandpa bought me this bios pedometer but it kinda blows for running because it said I only did 2.37km in total which is complete bologna. I gagged my way through the smell of cow manour during my run and nearly escaped a dead mouse and pile of horse poo – thats living in the country for you! The thing that blows my mind is that I am in the country but all I see are porsches, audis, beemers and mercedes? What the?!

Here is a few pictures of my room – it is very very plain! But there house is super nice… i might try to do a video tour one day or just snap a few pics.

nice ceiling!

pretty dope wardrobe

window view

double bed yeaah!

Also on my 16 hour plane marathon I was reading this months shape and come along this….

bomb blogger!

bomb blogger!

OHLIVIN! you so cool! Totally made my plane ride seeing this because I remember reading her post on this shoot! Now I’m to watch the season premiere of vampire diaries… I think megavideo will save my life while I am in Italy – last night i watched 90210! CIAO!



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6 responses to “La (sorta) dolce vita

  1. I haven’t sat down at a computer in a bit (I’m on my phone right now) but I’m totally going to send you an email with I hope a few tips to help! Hang in there!

  2. Ali

    Aww I’m sure your homesickness will pass! Just keep thinking.. you’re in ITALY! šŸ˜€

  3. Promise you will end up loving it. For the first few weeks I was in Spain (I also lived with a host family), it was hard adjusting to being out of my element–esp with the food! I was being served more food than I ever eat in America–more meat, carbs etc.–coupled with living in a community where barely anyone exercises. It was a change of pace, but you’ll get used to it. The European way of eating actually changed my whole outlook on and approach to eating well. I’m sure you’ll find the same! Let me know if you need anything!


  4. I PROMISE you it will get better!! I cried so hard the day I got to London. You will look back on it as the best 3 months of your life, I guarantee it. I totally felt the lack of veggies when I vacationing in Italy…it drove me nuts! Try to find a local market or something.

  5. Bec

    My sister in law said that mega video really helped her homesickness when she and my brother were in Japan for 2 years. Things will get easier though, the first fews days/weeks may be tough but before you know it you’ll be 4 days from coming home and wont know where the time went! Big hugs šŸ™‚

  6. I just found your blog so “hello”! Can definitely relate to the homesickness… I am in the UK and most of my family (and all my friends) are in the US and it’s HARD. But it gets easier. Before you know it, you’ll be having an amazing time and the 3 months will be over! Hang tight and relax šŸ™‚ My friend is studying abroad in Italy right now too. I know she likes the wine and galleries, but that’s about as much as she has said!

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