a canadian girl in italy

Im not dead! I made it to italy in one piece! Sorry for the lack of apostrophes, im using a italian keyboard and i cant find the right button. I tried to read a few of the posts on my google reader is very slow in this computer so hopefully I can use my laptop soon.

So far  Ive  (ugh this bad punctuation is killing me)

– Eaten a mozzerella sammie and soup
– Slept in until 3 in the afternoon, totally embarassing!
– Havent run (totally killing me by the  way)
– Fell in love  with the little girl im nannying
– Not understood more  than 20 words the family has spoken in Italian
– Just about gave the Family a  hear attack when I said I dont eat  beef or pork  (Im pretty sure they wanted to send me  back home after that)

There will be more to come  soon once I’ve set up my laptop (found apostrophe button , hurrah!), I just wanted to let you know I lived!


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  1. I was just on Google Reader wondering how your nannying experience is going! Start posting those Italian eats as soon as you can!

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