cozy saturday

So mother nature has gone back to her old ways and blessed screwed over vancouver with some gloomy clouds and rain for this long weekend – double boo! I would love to stay inside all day wrapped in blanket with some tea but I gotta go work my last shift at work… for the next three months atleast. I’m soooo dreading working 8 hours there especially when my soul sister auntie is coming into town tonight to bid farewell to me before I go to Italy.

Onto a bit of a recap… I hit the casino yesterday… yeah my gambling addiction starts now, kidding! I played some slots and roulette. I spent 30 bucks and came out with 54 dolla bills in my pocket. Beginners luck, i think so! I got some shopping on last night with my petite soeur because she is heading back schoolio in a few days. I bought myself an oversized cardigan for the plane ride so i can be uber comfy!Then I had another lazy night watching tele because my friends and I suck at making plans and half of them have left to go back to college.

Now onto the good stuff… foood! Here are two of my dinners from this week

I finally had sweet tater fries!! These babies were heavenly I actually had the exact same dinner two night in a row. Hey, don’t judge who knows if I will be able to find sweet potatos in italy… I also noshed on a huge serving of veggies. Scrumptous! 100_1005
I’m trying to polish off my veggie burger to so they don’t go bad while I’m gone. I had some grilled zucs and raw veggies on the side along with some lemon perrier (how high class!).

Three days until I leave for italy and my suitcases are well very empty. I still feel like i have a zillion things to get in order and a bajillion people to see before I go!  To sum it up, I’m one big stress ball! Have a fab long weekend girls and I may be updating from Italy next so it could be a while. Be Safe & have fun!



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6 responses to “cozy saturday

  1. I’m UK lass so don’t know bucks and dollars etc. You did good yes? Love all the good stuff (food) 🙂

  2. Good thing you called it quits while you were ahead! I always win about $5 when I’m in Vegas 🙂

    Breathe! You’ll get it all done in time! Have a safe flight m’dear. Try and get some sleep or at least watch some good movies!

  3. lady, were feeling the same struggle when it comes to weather… but at least your going to italy!!! luuucky.
    and aren’t sweet potato fries simply amazing?! love em’

  4. Tay

    Oh how exciting! I want to visit Italy soooo badly. Woohooo!!!

  5. cookeatrun

    OMG. Youare going to italy?! Okay it’s official, I hate you.Hah, not really, but I’m kind of REALLY jealous !!

  6. Let me tell you, not only will they have sweet potatoes in Italy, they will have the best, most delicious unbelievable produce you have ever laid eyes on!! Lucky girl!

    If ever you need a food recommendation in Milan just give me a holler. You’re gonna have a blast and au pairing wont be awkward – the Italians will love you principessa!

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