keep on running

Hey chicas! Hows life treating you? I’ve been stressed to bits about planning my birthday and booking my flight to Italy (seriously $1500 to fly to Venice – ridic!) I have made time to get my but running of course. I’m running about 5 days a week, no big long runs but nice three milers. I bought new shoes! They had this BOGO deal at Sportchek so my mama and I went there and bought ourselves some new soles. I got these sassy pink New Balance.

new shoes!

I took them out for a spin today and I thought they did a fine job. The heel of the shoe isn’t as high as my old pair but they have a nice shock absorbing feature.

make shift lettuce bun w/ garden veggie burger & steamed veggies

Now onto food. I’ve been craving a veggie burger like made the past few days and I finally got to satisfy that craving on wednesday night!Along side I had some steamed veggies. Yummy in my tummy!

Now I’m off to go spend an arm & a leg on a flight Italy… not looking forward to spending that many dollars (the most I’ve ever spent) and I’m going to put my down payment on the limo for my birthday. To much money spending in one day.

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5 responses to “keep on running

  1. snazzy sneaks m’dear!
    arm and a leg on flights… tell me about it. spending way to much dough on a flight to aussi. but it’s all worth it for the experience, say no?

  2. Hi girl, welcome to wordpress. Wow that is one expensive flight!

  3. Tay

    Crazy about flights! I thought that flights were cheaper these days?!

  4. Nice kicks. Italy is awesome. Actually, I don’t even know if it’s awesome because I didn’t get to go with my Boyfriend last year due to not accumulating enough vacay time. I’m not bitter or anything tho :p

  5. love your blog, can’t wait to keep reading!
    i just made my own and i would love it if you could check mine out!

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