A new start

Hey everyone!

I hope a lot of you followed the link I left on my old blogger website to this new one. I chose to start over fresh (well almost I imported my old posts haha). Check out my about me page to learn a bit more about me and why i chose this blog name. Excuse the lame website address I can’t change it… briblogg why, just why?

Anywho back to blogging about important stuff fooood! I finally decided to follow in a hotties footsteps a buy myself some sprouts to add to my meals. Boy was I happy I did. I love alfalfa sprouts and they’re pretty cheap to even for organic ones.

sprouts in my salad

sprouts in my salad

In the mix is romaine lettuce, carrots, broco, celery, grape tomatoes and some catalina dressing.

Onto more divalicious things… my birthday is coming up in two short weeks and its the big One Nine. Here in Canada that makes you legal to do whatever! So i’m planning a night out on the town with my friends. Being the planner I am I already have my dress! My momma and I drove accross the washington border and hit up some stores and I found two pairs of shoes and two dresses at Charlotte Russe (Cheap and Effiecient!)

Birthday Suit!

Birthday Suit!



I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to walk in four inch heels but this diva will work it out! Crossing my fingers for no broken ankles!



I got these boots for ten bucks! CR had a deal going that you buy one pair and get the second for ten smackers. What do you think of my birthday dress! I didn’t want to be to sexy sexy but this dress was calling my name!

I hope all of you continue reading my blog… and I’ll contine writing. Especially while I’m in italy… I leave on september 7th! So sooon! For those of you who haven’t read my previous post, I’m going to be an au pair in Italy for three months. I’m so excited but I’m getting really nervous now.

Ciao bellas!



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4 responses to “A new start

  1. That dress is fabulous! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. homegirlcaneat

    SEXYTIME!! Now that is what I call a birthday suit.. rock it mami!!

  3. hey girlie. love your blog too, and van! i went to school at uvic my 1st year, and have a bunch of friends that live there. your bday coming up, woop woop! mines this weekend… i’ll finally be legal in the states, whereas you’ll be legal in canada, holla. haha. enjoy your day miss!

  4. ohh and i forgot to tell you, those books are so good! i’m effing addicted right now… seriously i can not put them down.

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