off to the desert

hello chikitas! How’ve y’all been the last week. Well I’ve been wanting time to fast super fast and it has and tomorrow I’m heading to Kelowna (a town in the interior of BC), I’m so stoked! I get to fly up there to – totally beats dying in a Greyhound bus for 6 hours. Its the first time I’ve been on a plane for almost 7 years. Craziness I’m kinda nervous cause since the last time I went on plane i started getting car sick & motion sickness really easy so we’ll see how the situation goes.

Now onto the food… I`ve been a bad blogger and only snapped a few pictures but here we go!
I`m totally in love with the faux pancake recipe – some of you seem a bit skeptical of it but its goood!Veggie Salsa Salad – one veggie burger, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and some bbq roasted pepper. YUM!Just a mixed green salad nothing to specialso i added some zuchini and roasted yam frites on the side.I FINALLY found kale at whole foods the other day so I tested out the kale chip recipe…. I was slightly impressed but I thought these chips were gunna rock my world like the first time I tried sweet potato fries. I`ll more than likely have them again if I can ever find kale!

Update on my au pair news – so i`m 95% sure I`m going. I just need to go back to the Italian embassy and hand it my application again (because i forgot passport photos the last time ugh!).

Hope you all have a good week. I`m going to enjoy my last few days of freedom before I start working 4-5 days a week at my coffee shop (not cool!).

I`ll leave with a picture of my lovely town vancouver! (I love this citttyyy)


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