Happy Canada Day!

Yes that’s right its Canada bday today! Gotta love my country! Representing that red and white.

Last night my sister and her friend went to the Jo bro’s concert downtown so i tagged along on my parents date (haha lame!) and we ventured around Vancouver. We went to Kingston Taphouse & Grille. The food was really good and the portions were spot on – none of the six servings to one person junk! I got the Steveston Health Salad which had a nice lemon mustard seed vinagrette with wild greens, artichoke hearts, grape tomatos, pumpkin seeds and onions.

We still had two hours to kill until the concert was done so we went to the Vancouver Convention Centre and wandered around watching hte people set up for the big Canada day festivities. Then we proceeded down to Robson (my favourite street downtonw because it has all the shops). I went into lululemon and bought myself a workout top and a yoga mat! I went into Zara and they were having a wicked sale but they were closing so i may go back today and burn some more cash.

We walked around for another hour then went to GM place to pick up my sister and oh my god it was a gong show girls screaming and chasing tour buses and luxury black suvs trying to locate a Jo bro – madness i tell ya! We went to casa di gelato (it has 218 flavours!!) and i got cappucino flava. But i also tried PB and strawberry, cranbery & rosemary and cream soda.

I woke up today and went and did walking/run interval thingy for 5 miles. I was so proud of how much i ran – it must be the new lulu shirt!

The other day I learned how to make an omelet and well needless to say that has been my breaky for the past few days…Heres my new favourite dinner dish… Veggie salsa salad!one veggie burger, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and greens mixed all together. BUENO!

Then for breakfast today I decided to try my version of the Naturally Thin faux pancakes….
I used half a cup of egg whites, splash of milk, cinnamon, half a tsp of vanilla extract and some coconut. I whipped them in my drink blender so they were all well… whipped! I topped my faux pancake with some yogurt, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, coconut and cinnamon!

Now I’m off to watch the firework show in my town at the park!



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3 responses to “Happy Canada Day!

  1. mayapamela525

    218 flavors!? Is this place heaven?


  2. Bec

    glad you had a great canada day! I always feel like I am running uber fast when I have new gear on ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. livelaughlyss

    that omelette looks amazing. (I know people leave lame comments like that on food blogs all the time, but i don't comment about food unless i really mean it!!!!!) i love the ketchup drizzle on the side too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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