a little tardy

I know I said I would update on monday but well its Thursday and yeah… My weekend was pretty great! My friend Nick has a party on friday because he and my other friend are leaving for a euro trip for 2 whole months! It was a total gong show and so much fun! There was way to much alcohol but that lead to some ridiculously good times. On friday i also got my hair cut =) (sorry I dont have good picture yet because I`ve been to lazy to style my hair). You girls seemed to be pretty stoked on the fact that I got to work with hot lifeguards… well so was I!! My coffee shop has a location at rec centre and well I got trained to work there and got to oogle and awe at the sexy boys! Yeah I`m a creep haha. Saturday morning I woke up pretty early despite nursing a bit of an h.o. to workout then make my sister a cupcake cake for her bday! Probably the least organic and healthiest thing I have ever fed to a family member…But the girls at her party enjoyed them! Yay points for being a good sister!

Alright down to the grub… I have no idea when this food is from but it was the best of the weeks eats… Portobello mushroom grilled with garlic, balsamic and topped with parmesan reggiano with some asparagites!
Salad with mango, carrots and romaine dressed with Balsamic Vinegar with a few brocs on the side!
One miniature (seriously dwarfed) sweet potato and some asparagites! Apple & Naner oats with nuts and maple syrup TASTY TASTY!
Salad with shredded carrot (yeah i tried it brooke!), strawberry, chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesian cheese dressed with Balsamic Vinegar! Sundays breakfast a mix of fruit, yogurt, choco chips, special k and part of a homemade crepe! Oh with a little bit of whipped cream =)

So I’ve been seriously craving the Balsamic this week but its soo good! My dad always tops our salads with evoo & balsam. but balsamic by itself is even better!

On the exercise front I went to yoga again and oh man it kicked my but luckly one of my coworkers was at the glass and gave me a box of Coconut Juice which saved my life! Seriously hardest yoga class ever but my body needed it. I literally had sweat running into my eyes (tmi?!).

I’ve been reading some good books lately… The time travelers wife.. I’m about 150 pages in and its pretty good so far. I also bought Naturally Thin… I’m just about done so I’m gunna do a review on that once i finish it off! I’m off to watch some wimbledon and eat some breaky!

Oh and meg I use unsweetened Coconut on my oats… i cook it in with it so the flavour has a chance to sweep out!


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