Happy Jour des Pères!

To all the papas & grandpapas out there happy fathers day! We love you for all that you do!

Shoutout my great Dad who at times drives me insane because he acts more like a pesty older brother but I love him to bits! Random factoid: As babies my Dad and I looked pretty much alike… doesn’t say much for either of us me looking a like a boy and him looking like a girl haha. To my other main source of fathering… my Grandpa – this man is one of the coolest grandpas out there from trips to designer stores, his soup’d up suv and good connections. He is THE coolest retired banker you’ll ever meet!

This is going to a quickie update before I head off to work for a painful 8 hours and then go back a mere 7 hours later for another 8.5 hour shift!

My weekend was quite fab – in a nutshell it consisted of bikram yoga round deux, pAArtying, my sister’s 14th birthday party, ice cream at English bay, working with hot lifeguards, A HAIRCUT, lots of black eyed peas (boom boom pow) and good eats & exercise. I’ll do full update tomorrow after work!

Ciao girls – Have fun enjoying the day with your awesome daddios & famjam!


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