a turn for the better

So if any of you chose read my little news alert that I posted last night well… I’m 75% likely to be going to Europe to be an au pair from September to December. I’m so ecstatic you have no idea! I’ve been talking with a few families and I’m kinda set on going to a town near Venice, Italy. They have two kids and the parents are so nice. I wouldn’t make a ton of money but I’m mostly for the experience. I’m not returning to school for the fall semester but I’m going back in January. I have so much stuff to figure out like health insuranc, this italian tax id thing and I’m still working on all my Nursing applications. Plus I need to get my CPR-HCP & Standard first aid certificate soon to. I went from having nothing on my plate to my plate over flowing with stuff to do.

I haven’t been posting much in the past few days because well for once I’ve had a social life. Things have finally livened up in my town and people are having parties. The only downer from the past few days has been that I got water stuck in my righr ear and couldn’t get it out for an entire day – not fun at all!

Alright now onto the eats… I’m going to post random food that I’ve eaten because well I don’t quite remember when I ate this stuff haha. I’ll group things up to make this post easier for the eyes & the brain.


Naner, strawbs, choco chips & cinnamonRepeat with vanilla yogurt!

Tried the apple cooked with the oats and some naner w/ coconut = very good mix! Topped with some light syrupStrawberry explosion! Very sweet (literally) bowl of oats!Holy thats alot of oats!


Sweet taters & egg white scramble with broccoli, mushrooms and fresh basilveggie stir fry with fresh yellow bell peppa


Frothy strawberry & naner yogurt smoothie!Fruit parfait topped with shredded coconut & special k.

So thats some of my random sporatic eats from the past few days!

I’ll you with a quote that I got off my cousin’s facebook…
when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace
totally love that quote! I don’t who said or wrote it first but truer words have never been spoken, imho. If you didn’t know I’m a total quote lover!


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