the days blend together

Sorry for my little disappearance again but I’ve been delaying posting again because 1. I haven’t taken many pictures and two I’ve been keeping busy! So I’ll all you lolitas up on the past few days! Work was blah as usual on Saturday and my body started aching from yoga (bent a little to far with the half moon poses). Sunday morning… one word – ouch!. I was sooo sore from yoga like i felt like i had fallen down a mountain. However I got up and road my bike while watching Nadal and Federer play on the tele. Nadal is a sexy man! I whipped myself up a bowl of scrumptious oats…I got ready for work and it was blah usual but Nick visited and the girl I work sundays with is bomb so we had fun! for dinner I had a salad and fruit salad with some yogurt on the side.

Monday morning I was planning on going to Bikram again but mme.flow decided to drop a visit and leave me with some mad crampage so I passed on that. For breaky I had a bowl of oats. I changed it up this time by cooking the shredded coconut along with my oats and the result was quite good I could defs taste the flavaa a bit better.I lazed around for the most of the day. Then I went for a run/walk (more walk than run – i hate you flow!) at 5 – not so smart because where I do my run has tons of traffic so I was inhaling lots of yucky fumes – “no bueno!” I got home and made myself some long awaited sweet potato fries and a salad. The sweet p’s didn’t cook like they usually – they took like 45 minutes, so unfair for my hungry tummy.I watched the Bachelorette while eating a yogurt concoction with naners, coconut and special k, before heading out to play some late night soccer with my friends at the local park. Well our soccer fun was short lived because some stupid morons decided to crash our fun with and threatned us with some golf clubs. Seriously its a Monday night find something better to do with your time then to try and pick a fight with people playing freaking soccer. Sorry for my anger hear but I’m sick of these people trying to make our peaceful town into some gang driven town from a movie. Thankfully the cops came and caught the bleeps.

Today I got up and road my stationary bike again because I wasn’t feeling the yoga again today. I need to incorporate more workouts in to my exercise regime because my body is getting used to what I’m doing now and I’m not being able to shed the last few pounds of my freshman fifteen I’ve gained. After this I cooked up some oats but I changed it up and added some apple today along with my usual additions. The result… hmm okay the apple didn’t have the greatest taste but it added a nice crunch to my breakie.

Note: Sorry for my blog ocd – I’m trying out new layouts to see if i like them better.


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