lost my…

I lost my yoga vcard today! A boy named Bikram took it! I went to my first Bikram/Hot yoga class this morning at 8am. I woke up a 6am anxious and excited to try this thing out. I got there paid 30 bucks for a week unlimited (only for first timers). The class was ninety minutes and boy did I sweat. I think that is the most I have ever sweat in my life. Near the end of the class I felt a bit faint so I missed the last few poses= because I was lying down. Seriously this is the best way to start your day you feel so cleansed afterwards. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully I can do the whole class without having to lay down for a rest. Over 500 cals burned before 9:30am sounds good to me!

Anyways here are my eats from Friday…
I was supposed to go to the beach yesterday but that planned failed because (insert friends name here) sucks at planning! Plus the weather wasn’t that great – which i told him it wouldn’t be as hot so that why we should go thursday… anyways I worked out on my bike then went for a run/walk (6.42km/46min). I came home and made myself a bowl of oats with a few new additions…Among my usual additions I put in some shredded coconut and mini dark chocolate chips. I also used Almond Breeze Vanilla unsweetened in place of 1% milk. The turn out was good as usualy but I could really taste my additions.

I had two iced coffees today because I was super tired for some reason. I had a gala apple alongside to.
When I get really really bored I bake. I got to that level of boredem last night before dinner so I baked another batch of Super Charge Me Cookies! This batch was defs better than the last!For dinner I was channeling my inner Mexican and I made some huevo rancheros inspired scamble (1/2cup egg whites, lf sour cream, lf refried beans and salsa). I had a salad along side to!
My dinner didn’t hit the spot and some things tasted a bit off. So I made myself another batch of froyo (same as yesterday’s!). This mes amis hit the spot!

I also had a late night snack of two super charge me cookies with a small glass of Almond Breeze. I watched 20/20 last night because well I had nothing better to do and it was about this girl who got raped by multiple guys at a party in CA. Three best friends helped this girl after she assaulted and brought her to the hospital.The boys have yet to be convicted even though there were witnesses! What is wrong with the justice system!

For breaky this morning after my yoga class and quick trip to the store (where I got a burts bees chapstick for 94 cents and book on paris for 99 cents! holy deal!) I made myself a bowl fo oats identical to yesterdays… Now I’m off to relax before work (2-10:30 blaaah!).

Holey Donuts Giveaway!

The lovely Peanut Butter and Jenny is having a giveaway for her 300th post!


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