the heat wave continues

Well the sun is relentless and it was super hot today – I basically wore my bathing suit all day because everything else made me way to sweaty. Alright so I didn’t update hier soir so I’ll give you the 411.

I made plans with my grandpa to head to Steveston and bike along the Dike down there. I prepped for my bike ride by riding my stationary bike haha I did that for a bit then made myself a quick breakie. Which wasn’t oats!! HOLD UP! I had a yogurt parfait and half a piece of toast with some jam. I knew I’d be eating lunch with my Grandpa and he tends to force me to eat loads of food. Anywho the Gpa picked me up and we drove down to Steveston. I’ve never been there before in my life it was way gorgeous! The houses were amazing! On the way there we this house seilling for 15 mill (no biggy) and it was 24,000 sq. feet. Who needs that much space! We biked about 20kms along various bike paths by the water. Then we stopped at a random japanese place and got lunch. I order the veggie bento box. It had this wicked spinach, sesame seed and peanut sauce(?) … Anyone know what it’s called. After lunch we biked back to his tricked out suv. We had to bike on the road which scared me I thought I was going to get run over =(

After I got home i booted over to my friends house to see her because she got her wisdom teeth pulled out the day before. She looked amazing as usual – no chipmuck face. We went over to my work and got some cold drinks and then I headed home because i was exhausted from my afternoon of biking.

I came home and applied to another school for Nursing (hopefully I get in for jan ’10!). My Pops was home early (which is extremely rare – workoholic) He made his bomb a.. ceasar salad, chicken and stir fry. My dad makes this home made dressing for the salad and its amazing! None of that creamy processed crap. I attempted to make some homemade froyo but that failed but I still ate it… In that bowl – strawberry yog, naner, kashi go lean – put in the freezer for an hour. I noshed on this while watching so you think you can dance with my mama.

I woke up early and my sinuses were going crazy. I had to take an allergy pill to calm them down. I road my bike and did the hips, buns and thighs yoga video then made myself a bowl of oats (I missed them yesterday). I attempted to tan this afternoon but it was way to hot so I came inside and passed out from 1:30 to 3ish. I ate some kashi go lean then when mama got home from work I headed up to the store and bough myself some grub…Skinny cows (50 cals!), oat bran, cinnamon, bolthouse thousand island, shredded coconut, extra dark chocolate mini chips, egg white beaters, almong breeze vanilla unsweetened and the latest issue of cosmo (imho lc’s boobies are so fake on the cover).

Product Review
I decided to try Almond breeze after seeing that lots of you peeps have been drinking it. I tried some of it tonight and the verdict.. LOVES but not as much as soy but hey 40 cals not bad!

For dinner I made a salad and a veggie burger on whole wheat toast.I attempted to make myself some more froyo. I used vanilla yog but added some fresh lemon juice and rhind. Then put it some almond milk, coconut and some choco chips. Froze it for longer than yesterday and the resulte was gooood. Perfect treat for a hot night!Tomorrow I be going to the beach (English Bay) with some of my friends – so stoked I love english bay because its basically a beach in the middle of downtown. Now I’m going to end this monstrosity post!


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