To darn hot

Man it was another hot one today! Its the kinda hot that makes you not want to touch your legs together or your arms to your torso because you’ll start making a sweat sandwich. I braved the heat this morning and went on a modified walk/run it was about 6.4km. I got it done in 49 minutes woo! I guzzled down a good litre of water when I got home because I was parched! I cooked myself a bowl of oats... same as the past few days except I used strawberry yogurt instead.
I read my new Elle Canada magazine that arrived in the mail this morning while i was on my run. I was quite pleased when i saw this spread…A curvy woman yaay! In a bathing suit to boot! I was totally exctatic about this because well as you all know these types of magazines have a requirement that their models be nothing bigger than the almost forbidden size 4 (madness i tell ya!). I got ready and went shopping at metro. I bought myself a pair of jean shorts, a casual white button up shirt (you know the beachy farmer type one? haha), a high waisted skirt and the next two books in the something borrowed series.

Sidenote… There was some super creepy boys at metro today. They were checking every girl that walked by them out. Not even trying to do it all sly but totally obvious. They need to work on there game.

I came home and guzzled some more water while watching the pens game – yay they won! I made myself a frothy stawberry vanilla smoothie to enjoy while watching my Sid play. Then I hopped on my stat. bike for 25 minutes while I read Something Blue. I made myself some din din after. It was almost to hot to eat so I made myself a heep of salad – coleslaw mix, cucs, carrots, mushroom, bruschetta mix and some balsamic vinagrette – and some scrambles with sour cream, salsa and refried beans to mix in. I read my book outside for a bit then Mama T came out and asked if I wanted to go for a walk… I couldn’t refuse her offer so we did a quick 25 minute stroll around the neighbz. I watched some of the Obama whitehouse special while eating two 50 cal skinny cow fudgsicles and some more yogurt. Now I’m contemplating watching a movie or reading more of Something Blue oh the choices I must make… Has anyone seen the preview for Julie&Julia I WANNA SEE IT!

Contest Alert check out Krista’s Kravings for a chance to win some full bars!



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5 responses to “To darn hot

  1. Mrs. LC

    Yay Julie & Julia – it looks good, and I agree that it's too bad you don't live in Orlando so we can't go see it together!

  2. april

    Yummy oats!!

  3. The Novice Berker

    I can't wait for Julie & Julia!! Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are so good together.

    Oh lord, do I know what you mean about the "sweat sandwich". You can't sit in any position that has your legs bent because you'll get so damn sweaty. EWW. 😦

    I love how you persevered with your oats despite the weather though. Haha, what a trooper!

  4. Brooke

    I'm such a hater on those creeps creepin! NOooo bueno!

    I need to try your cold yogurt on hot oat combo! Sounds like dreamy creaminess woopwoop!

    I haven't heard of Julie and Julia! I'm gonna go click that link right now!

  5. Sarah Mila

    Hi, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your oats look awesome, I think I need to start added some oat bran to mine. ❤

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