something borrowed

Sorry for the infrequent blogging but the sunshine & work have been stealing most of my attention so I push posting to the back burner but I’ve been reading and commenting on your blogs! Today’s weather was super fab once again! This entire week is supposed to be sunny and hot! Its extremely humid which sucks though.

I don’t even know where these pictures take off but I’m guessing Sunday. It was hellishly hot outside but I decided to go for my hour long walk which ended up having a bit more running, mostly because i wanted to get inside because it was so hot. I did my new 7.62km route in 52 minutes – eight minutes less than last time wooo! I was drenched in sweat – sign of a good workout! I made myself a stove top oats after i biked to cool down my muscles.
Some oat bran, oats, naner, strawberry, choco chips, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt and some nuts. I also did the buns, thighs and hips yoga video on exercise tv – I think its a good workout but I’ve never done yoga before so what do i know? I snacked on alot of special k before heading to work and hating every minute of my eight hour shift. I was not in the mood to be a happy barista despite my surge of endorphins from my workout.

Today I woke up and moped around a bit and ate aimlessly in my kitchen – not smart some serious binge eating happened. I hate special k its so addicting so I eat so much. I need some more will power against that stuff. I rode my statinary bike for about 35km while watching the hills finale and part of the mtv movie awards. Kristin on the hills really? That show is going to be even more ridic… but I’ll still watch it haha. I stretched it out and then made myself a bowl of oats identical to yesterday and it was just as yummy. I read the rest of Something borrowed today. I loooved the book – I’m going up to Chapters tomorrow to by Something Blue. I snacked on some fruit salad and more special k (booo!) throughout the day among other things. I grazed alot today, I have no idea why because I kinda got it under control this past week but this weekend has totally killed my good eating habits. For dinner my pops made a Roasted beer can chicken deal on the BBQ with some asparagus and his potato concoction. I added some Coleslaw salad, carrots and bruschetta to my plate and made a little salad along side. I went back for some more snackage on the chicken and potatoes. While watching the new reality show I’m a celebrity get me out of here I had a Skinny Cow popsicle. Seriously worst tv show ever by the way. Then momma and me switched it to the Bachelorette (heck yeah they’re coming to my home city next episode!) and finished off the night with some Newlywed reality show. I was pretty much a big couch potato tonight – I had zero energy to do anything because of the heat. Tomorrow i’m planning on doing my 7km walk/run and going shopping but we’ll see!



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7 responses to “something borrowed

  1. Dollface

    omg that show was nuts… what did you think!!?

  2. runsarah

    Your oatbran looks awesome! Great run too …its soooo hot out right now.

  3. Bec

    some times trash tv is just what you need to unwind, have a great walk/run today!

  4. Brooke

    I doubt you had a binge! Special K is so good but yes, so addicting. I think because there is nothing to do! It’s like eating air!

    What is this beer chicken?? I’ve heard of that before on like the Food Network! I soooo wanna try!

  5. The Novice Berker

    Everyone needs a couch potato day every once in a while! And I love how you’re totally blowing through your books; what a speedy reader you are!

    Beer can chicken is sad/delicious. Sad because the poor thing gets a beer can stuck up its hiney. Delicious because, well, it just is. 🙂

  6. Mrs. LC

    Your oatbran looks so tasty!! What’d you think of that newlywed show? I watched it too – it was interesting to see all the dynamics of the different newlywed couples. Especially interesting because I’m a fairly newlywed myself!

  7. melindasfabulouslife

    Yummy food! And I love Bachelorette- my fave show!:D

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