sunshine please don’t go away

Hey all! The weather here in Vancouver has been pretty darn gorgeous the past few days so I’ve been soaking up as much sun as possible – because you never know what the weather will be tomorrow in BC! I picked up a new book yesteday, Something Borrowed by: Emily Giffin. I know a few of you bloggers have read her books before so I decided to pick the first book up and so far I LOVE IT!!

Alright now onto my eats for the past two days… I think this is my dinner from wednesday night.
Some egg white scramble, an Yves veggie burger on whole wheat toast (the last piece in the bag – i got the bum piece!). I had a little salad on the side which had some coleslaw salad, cucumbers, mango, carrots and Italian dressing.

After dinner I was craving something a bit sweet so I made my sister and I a banana & strawberry smoothie! The consistency was a bit like whipped cream gaaah it was so good! A perfect snack to sip away at while watching So You think you can dance.

I had my usual bowl of oats post bike workout while watching an episode of ER. I had an apple while tanning outside then I had to work for 2.5 hours – longest shift ever. I was only covering for a girl while she wrote her paper. i was so happy to get out of there once six o’clock rolled around. Before I bounced I made myself a Yerba Mate iced tea with soy and some vanilla flavouring. This is my new favourite drink! Tomorrow i’m going to try it with Yerba mate chai tea.

I came home and momma was making some hot dogs on the grill so I got her to put on one of veggie burgers and I made a nifty veggie burger salad. I also had some sweet potato fries and the last few pieces of aspargus.Today
I worked out on my bike but i started feeling really nauseous – must be the heat? So i downed a good litre of water to help make myself feel better then I went onto making myself a my usual bowl of oats.
I used a different bowl this time and I liked how it made my portion look bigger which made my tummy stay full for quite a while!

I tanned outside on my deck after figuring some nursing shizz out and doing some housework. I ate a gala apple which was all bruised so it wasn’t as tasty but I still ate it!

I got the baking bug and made some of Dreena’s Super Charge Me cookies. I pretty much followed her recipe except I used flax oil, craisins and some sunflower seeds. They turned out pretty good! My sister gobbled up a few before her ball game so hopefully they fire her up and she does awesome!

For dinner I had some scrambled egg whites and salad…. I over dressed the salad I ate as much as I could but it was to soggy. I’m going to a party tonight with my friend, Kady… I’m pretty sure it going to be awkward since I don’t know anyone there except the kady and her best friend who is throwing the party…. Plus most of the people going are kinda wanna be gangster (not my scene)…. so we’ll see how long this outing lasts!

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9 responses to “sunshine please don’t go away

  1. carolinebee

    I’m SO happy she posted the super charge me recipe 😀 They look great!

  2. Meganerd

    did you make homemade sweet potato fries?

  3. bri

    Yeah i do make homemade Sweet p fries. I use a splash of evoo and some cinnamon and some hot spice thats in my cupboard mix it up in a bag and throw them in the oven until crispy. I tried to comment on you post but it wouldn’t let me =(

  4. Bec

    the cookies look fantastic! Hey Vancouver send the nice weather to ottawa, today was the first day with sun in over 2 weeks!

  5. Meg

    Ahh I love those cookies – they look so amazing! Sweet tater fries are the best, hands down. I’d eat a bazillion of them anyday rather than regular fries. I hope you’re still able to enjoy the weather!


  6. jesslikesithot

    I loved that book, something borrowed! It’s so cute and such a girl book! I also like the follow up, I think it was called something blue?! haha…most likely!!

    Hope you ended up having a fun night out girl, and all your egg scrambles look delicious!

  7. The Novice Berker

    Ooh, tanning and enjoying a new book sound so summery. 😉

    I really want to bake those Super Charge Me! cookies but I’d probably gobble them up within a few days… so maybe not. 😛

    Hope the party was less awkward than you expected!! I hate going to parties where I only know one or two people. I feel like I don’t know where to stand or what to do. Haha.

  8. Amanda

    mmm super charge me cookies–my favorite! i love how they keep me full. they really are good fuel!

  9. Brooke

    ahaha! I loved that “my hips don’t lie” comment you had. Story of my life too! 😉 Whateva, we both work it!

    That supercharge me recipe is life changing! They are so delicious and easy to make! PB and maple syrup..mmm! I love!

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