a big updizzle!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the absence, I’ve been dealing with alot of family stuff, school messes and work lately. For a personal update it looks like I’m probably not going to school in September because I won’t get into classes that I need since my registration date is way way late. My parents don’t want to pay for classes that are just filling up time and I see their point on that but that means I have to work full time and I won’t have good health insurance – hello major boost in my stress level!! So pretty much I’ll be out of school until I get accepted into a nursing program which could be a while. I have to figure all this stuff out within the next month (no fun!).

Alright so here is my food update from monday to today. Monday i got up a road my stat. bike for a while then i was gunna go for a run but legs didn’t feel up to pounding the pavement so I went for a looong walk 7.42km/4.61mi!!! I did that in exactly one hoour – hollaa! I came home stretched it out and made myself some oats!This bowl had some sliced naner, strawberry yogurt, choco chips, cinnamon, oatbran, oatmeal and wheat bran. Delish! I also used a Numi tea -berry black to make a nice refreshing drink to go along with my breaky. Then I got ready chilled for abit then walked to work another 2km? Work was blah as usual but money is money. I didn’t take pictures of the rest of my eats, sorry!

Tuesday I woke up and felt like my back side had been hit by a bus. Who knew walking was so strenuous on your muscles. Needless to say I walked around the house like an old man for the whole day! I sucked up the pain and rode my bike for a bit then made some yummy oats again. This bowl is pretty much the exact same as Monday’s and just as good!For one of my many snacks I had a gala apple with some strawberry yogurt on the side for dippage! I noshed on alot of Special K satisfaction – way way way to much.For dinner I made a salad which had some coleslaw salad mix, cucumbers, carrots, brocolli, mushrooms and mango dressed with some organic italian dressing. I ate this while the rest of my dinner cooked away…I made a batch of sweet potato fries. I also used three egg whites and some milk to make some scrambled eggs. I enjoyed this while watching a few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians (seriously this show is so entertaining!). After dinner I went for a quick walk around the hood to hopefully losen up my legs a bit because they still hurt!

Today I woke up still feeling the pain of my walk but I hopped on my bike nonetheless for a little workout before my friend, Nick, picked me up to drive to the beach so we could go for a bike ride with my friend Kady. I rushed and got ready and made myself a good bowl of oats – it was the same as the past two days except I added mango to it! Well the bike riding plan failed miserably because he couldn’t fit his bike into the trunk of his car. Instead we planned on going for a walk there and then chilling at the beach but my lazy friends (you know i love ya!) decided we should park our butts down on a blanket for a few hours. I didn’t object to that. We ate some trail mix, sourdough bread with tzaziki and I ate an apple. After a few hours we headed home…. On a little side note my fam’s microwave broke!! Its been a long time coming our microwave is probably the same age as me haha. Picture from the beach – the tide was out and we sat on the grass because the part of the beach we were at was all rocky!



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8 responses to “a big updizzle!

  1. Bec

    that sucks about school next fall but I am sure it will all work out in the end.

  2. dailydulcie

    I'm sorry with the school issues.. it sounds frustrating but I bet everything will work out in the long run! So stay positive girlie :]

    I'm loving those oats. They look fabuloussss.

    love, love<3

  3. Canadian Girl

    suhweeet potato fries!!
    oh my! They taste so good… and are good! delicious and nutritious.
    tip: they are ahh-mayy-zingg with a drizzle of olive oil and some cinnamon. no lies!! try it ! 🙂

    Tomorrow I am making oats. mm.
    you have inspired me.

  4. Brooke

    Yuck why does school bring such issues? I am sorry but I bet it will all work out in the end!

    Mango + anything = loooove!! Fabby idea to add to your oats!

    RIP your microwave. I am sure it had a great life!

  5. The Novice Berker

    Oh nooo, your school problems sounds like HELL, for serious. 😦 I can imagine how stressed out you are; try your best to take it step by step, if you can!

    I hope your muscles recover soon enough. Rest up, girlie!

  6. parkaveprincess

    everyone looks great! Good luck with the school delima, I’m sure everything will fall into place eventually 🙂 and thank you for the book recommendation, I will definitley check it out!

  7. parkaveprincess

    *everything looks great

  8. jesslikesithot

    Sorry about the school issues girl, but hopefully things will work out in the future!

    All the oats look great, I really need to try sweeter fruits in mine soon….I’m sure mango would be such a good addition!

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