the weekend itch

Hey all! Hopefully you all had a fun weekend and well rested for the week ahead! I worked all weekend literally friday, saturday and sunday… I’m working tomorrow to! Ahh the lifestyle of a part time worker who gets all the crappy shifts =) I didn’t do to well recording my eats from the weekend but I included the good stuff aka. my oats in the morning!

Saturday I ran (1.75mi) & biked (40km!) woo! After which I made myself a killer bowl of oats this sucker had Oatbran , Wheat Bran, Oatmeal, naner, choco chips and some raspberry yogurt for extra creaminess! It was soo amazing. For a thirst quencher i made myself a Guayaki Iced tea which was soo great and refreshing.I snacked until I went to work and for dinner I made my a veggie burger and had my usual cucumber, carrot and broc. mix with a gala apple.

Sunday I ran and biked again even though I really didn’t feel like running I forced myself to go! I felt kinda sluggish today and my butt felt all heavy like I couldn’t do a full stride – has anyone else ever had that?

I made myself a bowl of oats for breaky this guy was similar to yesterday’s minus the yogurt and I mixed in the cinnamon while the oats were cooking stove top! I snacked again until work and then i had the same side of veggies and apple but I decided to try my Amy’s product! I bought the Alphabet soup (Yeah thats right!).

Product Review
So I was totally stoked to try this out because I loved Alphabet soup when I was little! This soup was no let down it was superb plus there were veggies in it to! The only downside is there is a ton of sodium in (28% of you daily recommended intake in just one cup). Definitley try this soup if you ever loved Alphabet soup as a child or now!I also thought I should post about my moms wicked pasta salad – this dish is requested at every potluck she ever goes to! It has cucumber, onion, dried tomato, atrichoke, feta cheese, olive oil and parsley dressing mixed up with radiatore pasta.

Aren’t these noodles so funky looking! They look like mini radiators hence the name

Hope you all have a good monday!


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6 responses to “the weekend itch

  1. Bec

    alphabet soup? yum I love it! WOrking sucks, on one hand I want the money but on the other I have no free time this week!

  2. lighterportions

    Those wee pastas are adorable.
    I like how you cut your bananas too, it’s unique haha

  3. jesslikesithot

    Your mom's pasta salad looks soooo good, I've had ones just like that and I loveee the combo of the sun dried tomatoes & feta!

    And all the oats look great too, get some rest girl….sorry you've had to work so much lately!

  4. The Novice Berker

    Props to you for powering through your workout!! And the alphabet soup is nothing but adorable. 😉 Also, that pasta shape is so strange-looking!! That’s cute that they’re named after radiators though. Hahaha.

  5. Brooke

    Oh man I am sorry about those bad shifts! For the first semester of this year I would get outa school at 1 and then worked every Friday from 2-8pm, then I was too tired to go out!

    Your alphabet soup looks so good! It would be PERFECTION with a grilled cheese or crack wrap 🙂

    p.s. pasta salad is looking BOMB

  6. peacelovepb

    sounds like a great workout!!!
    love that soup 🙂 so comforting in the winter!

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