one year ago…

Alright so this isn’t going to be my regular food post – don’t fret I will do another one later tonight! But one year ago today was my grad and well it was one of the best days of my life so I decided why not do a post about it?

Alright so here we go my best guy friend, Nick through our wine and cheese where basically my big group of friends got together with our families to take pictures, drink and eat yummy appetizers!
After which we went back to our high school for a Red Carpet event. Basically all the grads walked down a red carpet with out grad dates and went inside and ate some more desserts and took pictures with some of the younger students.We then made a pit stop at the beach from pretty pictures even though it was overcast the whole day.Finally our two limo buses took us to the place of our banquet. The food was okay and desserts were okay but it was nice to see all my teachers dressed up and their proud smiles that they have finished educating another group of students.

After the banquet we went to another beach, White Rock and had a nice stroll down the pier and took some more pictures haha. Finally it was time for Dry Grad where all the schools in my district got together and played games, ate and took a hundred more pictures till 6am!Now can you tell this day was awesome!? I woke up today and i was like seriously one year ago, god I’m getting old! But I’m so happy that another group of grads get to have the same great day as I did. This is going to sound completely lame but yes, I did try on my dress to see if it still fits and yay it does! Its actually loser in the waist but I’m guessing that weight slid down to my hips haha.

Question du jour: How was your graduation/senior prom? Do you still love what you wore?
– 1. Friggin’ amazing and hell yes!

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