I’m hoping you all had a glorious thursday! I did my day was full of exercising, reading & tanning and good eats! I started the day out with a nice run before it go super hot out. My chest was really heavy today (my allergies started to act up!). I manage to do about 1.75 miles so it’s better than nothing. I stretched out a bit then I went inside rode my bike while watching Glee (Berker you enlightened me to do). Glee is a pretty cute show I’ll probably watch while biking so I can sing along with them haha. Yeah that’s right I sing and bike. I made sure to do some good stretching so my legs become less bulky – stupid soccer thighs. Does anyone have tips on how to make your thighs leaner and lengthen out your thigh muscles?! I made myself a bowl of delicious oat bran then i went to snap a pic and realized my camera was dead – lame!

I showered up and went outside to tan and read Tori Spelling’s, Mommywood. I spent about two hours outside with a few breaks to come inside. The book was addicting so I didn’t realize how much time had passed and well I got burn’t pretty bad!


I thought my moisturizer had SPF in it but it didn’t so I have to suffer the consequences of my stupidity. I’ve been slathering on copious amounts of aloe vera on all day.

Anyways I noshed on an apple while reading outside then I came in a did some core exercises (planks, side planks, crunches, pilates 100, side crunches – gotta tone up!).

PRODUCT REVIEWGuayaki Tea – We have these at my work so I told the Yerba Mate flavour to try at home. I made an iced tea with because it was friggin’ hot today! It was alright by itself so I added some lemon which made it that much better. Defs recommend this brand because it helps boost your metabolism, doesn’t have crazy amounts of caffeine it and it’s organic!

I enjoyed some bolthouse baby carrots along with some bolthouse dressing while catching up on your blogs. Yeah that’s right I put the dip in the lid – makes the perfect serving size so you don’t go crazy on the dressing and I saved dirtying another dish =)

Before dinner I went for a walk around the ‘hood so I could enjoy the sunshine and losen up my muscles because they were feeling tight. After my refreshing 25 minute walk I started to cook my dinner. I couldn’t quite decided on what to have so I had a little mix of things. I had some more baked teryaki soya tofu, cucumbers with my bolthouse dressing and a veggie burger on a piece of whole wheat toast. Overall, this was a totally satisfying meal. A little later on while watching so you think you can dance.. I made myself and blended coffee drink – it was super frothy and refreshing! I also snacked on some vanilla yogurt and dark chocolate PB (no pictures – i’m a bad blogger!) Right now I’m watching Jamie Oliver’s school dinners series – Its actually disgusting what little kids think is tasty. One boy was eating white bread and ketchup sammie (ewe!). Gah Jamie is so sexy; I think it’s his accent, curly blonde hair and the fact he can cook (his wife is so lucky!).

Question du jour: What was your favourite food as a kid (good or bad – don’t be afraid to tell!)?
– Mine was grilled cheese and scrambled eggs with ketchup. My mom says I ate grilled cheese for weeks at a time.

Good song take a listen!



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4 responses to “sunshineee

  1. Brooke

    Seriously, just put aloe vera on your burn and it will turn from red to BEAUTIFUL bronze!!!

    SUCH a bossy idea to use the lid..I always overdress things then regret putting too much on because it ruins the salad’s tastiness! Thanks shawty for the tip!

    hmm…favorite food was mcdonalds hamburgers! my moms mac n cheese, and tons and tons of ice cream with hersheys chocolate sauce with whipped cream! ohhh the life!

  2. The Novice Berker

    OUCH! Aloe that shit up, girl!

    I love the image of you singing and biking at the same time. So funny, haha.

    And I loveee scrambled eggs with ketchup! I’m ashamed to say that all of my favorite foods as a kid are still my favorite foods now. It’s just that, as an adult, I’ve added healthier favorite foods to that list too. But grilled cheese is totally near the top of that list. I’m not sure I could pick one fave though. 😛

  3. Bec

    aw sorry about the burn, just keep a THICK layer of alo vera on at all times and it will heal soon!

  4. Canadian Girl

    Oh my I was such a picky child.. My favourite was a sweet pickle and cheddar cheese sandwich. Specifics: pickles sliced lengthwise and the bread must be 12 grain. Pickles do not go on bread until last minute. Sounds crazy, but I loved it.
    I despised grilled cheese as a child, because it was made with butter, my nemesis.
    Now I heart mozzarella grilled cheese, made with olive oil, not butter!!
    and about the thick thighs, I feel you, I have trunk thighs from skating and dance, but I find stretching and lengthening exercise ie yoga and pilates stretch the muscle instead of compacting it.
    good luck!

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