We were walking downtown…

Hey all! Hope everyone’s Tuesday was fine and dandy! I had a pretty good day minus the morning when I had a meltdown about my weight – I gained two pounds overnight. I apologize for all my ranting about my weight but like I’ve mentioned previously I want to lose the weight I’ve gained from school… I’ve got about 10 pounds to go! Other than that minor glitch in the mornin’ my day was good because i went shopping downtown wooo! I tried to put my frugal spending habit on the back burner today because i deserve to treat myself every once and a while right?

Me and my two friends cruised on into V-city and hit up H&M I got a black dress, funky orange braided sandals, another pair of sunglasses (lets see how long these puppies last because I break sunglasses like I break fingernails), a burgundy-ish colour top. I didn’t buy alot but my bank account took a hit!

Alright now onto the eats! Here are the rest of grub from Monday.
I noshed on a fuji or Gala apple not quite sure along with some yogurt and some dark chocolate dreams PB on the side for dippage.For dinner my Dad cooked up a homemade ceasar salad (the dressing he makes is perfecto! None of that creepy shiz) and some grilled cauliflower. I hade him through on a Yves Veggie Burger pour moi and I made a mini v burger salad.Now onto Tuesday’s eats!
I started my day off like any other day with my biking while watching the latest Hills episode – gah speidi makes me wanna hurl. I made a bowl of oatbran but I changed some things up a bit but added some Oatmeal to it and topping it off with a few chocolate chips. This bowl also had some naner and cinnamon in it. SO YUMMY!I ate my weight in Special K satisfaction today while waiting for Nick to come pick up to go downtown. I brought an apple with me to keep my energy up during our shopping excursion.

I didn’t get home until 6:30ish which kinda messed up my plan of going for a run tonight. As soon as I got in the door I started making my dinner. I made a batch of sweet potato fries and took another shot at making some baked tofu! While my food was cooking I snacked on some carrots and broccoli. It turned out alot better this time! Wooo! I didn’t go for a run as planned but I begged Momma to go for a walk around the ‘hood. It was a nice stroll until I walked through a huge swarm of flies with my mouth open mid sentence – YUCK!

On a more serious note, this past weekend a boy that I knew died while camping with a bunch of friends. Not to sound insensitive but his death was totally preventable – the huge group of people he was with let him drive off at night, drunk on a logging rode and he drove off the road and crashed into trees. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss. He was such a great guy! Hopefully this makes people realize its not smart to drink and drive.

I’m off to bed now so I’m ready for another boring day at my mom’s office. Hopefully I get to leave early again like last week!


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