gloomy day in the city

Well the good weather is gone today. Vancouver was blessed with some sunny weather for part of the long weekend but not today – it overcast and blah! It’s a day of housework and lazing around at the home front today! Work was treacherous yesterday – it was so dead! Thankfully it kinda picked up around 7pm which was nice.

Here are my eats from yesterday…
I biked my butt off once again then I begged Daddio to go for a walk with me around the neighborhood which was nice. I had a tropical sandwiched bowl of oat bran….this baby had a bit of caramelized naner on the bottom then ontop I put some fresh naner then some diced up pineapple – heaven in a bowl

Then I noshed on another fruit & yogurt parfait before work. Mix of nonfat vanilla & strawberry, some naner and special k

I packed the same dinner for work – I’m such a creature of habit it’s ridic!Today’s grub
Then today I lazed around and enjoyed a cup of chai tea and snacked on some Special K satisfaction cereal.

I biked yet again and watched the first episode of the real world brooklyn (the real world is so addicting!). I had a late breakfast… well it was pretty much lunch since I ate it at noon haha. It was pretty similar to yesterdays bowl of o.b. except it was way way creamier for some reason which I lurved!and thats all of I’ve eaten today so far… On a side note – I want a boyfriend! Seriously the couple bug has hit my town and I feel like I’m the only one flying solo, so lame!


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