endorphines and sunshine!

Hello all you lovely bloggers! I’m blogging to you from my bed because my legs are shot from my 60 minute stationary bike sesh, 2 mile run and 8 hours of work. My legs are beggin’ for a rest and I’m givin them one.

Today I got up later than i wanted because i wanted to get up earlier so i could go for a run and then bike but I did the reverse order. I watched the season finale of csi: new york and biked. Does anyone else watch this show and is anyone else today attracted to the Don the detective (he played Tag on friends too) he’s seriously sexy!

see pure sexy!

I downed a glass of water after my bikage and had a handful of special K and went for a run. My legs were feeling pretty heavy today but I pushed myself through my miniscule 2 miler. After which I prepped myself my a bowl of OAT BRAN! Today it was all naners in and it hit the spot. I had some caramelized naners in there and some fresh slices too!
Before work I had a nice yogurt and special k mix.I finally decided to spread the Chocolate Dreams PB on toast rather than just eating it out of the container so I at a tbsp on some whole wheat bread (60 cals a slice!) I went to work and thanfully it was slow since it’s the long weekend here so everyone is gone! At work I took advantage of my free milk (well technically its not free but whatev). I had a blended coffee, a cup of orange spice tea and i sipped on some steamed soy milk. I also picked the chocolate out of one of the giant chocolate cookies (I’m wierd, I know!). For my dinner I packed some melon balls, a gala apple and a cucumber, carrot and brocolli mix and my new fave dressing Bolthouse Thousand Island! Hope everyone had a fabulous saturday! I’m looking forward to reading your weekend updates…



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4 responses to “endorphines and sunshine!

  1. jesslikesithot

    I totally figured out the George scenario a few seconds before it all happened!! Ah it was crazy!

    And I’m sooo jealous that you have the dark chocolate dreams pb, I realllyyyy NEED to try it!

  2. thenoviceberker

    Rest those legs, they deserve it! I love how you scooped the melon balls to make them portable! I’ll definitely be borrowing this idea once summer starts really heating up. 🙂

  3. Bec

    I had a huge crush on him when he was on friends!!!!

  4. Brooke

    Don is flamin’ HOTTT!! He is my perfect man. I dig men with dark hair and light eyes and tall and just straight up beaut.

    I neeed to get dark chocolate dreams!! Everyone raves about it and I know I would lovelovelove!

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