indulgance friday

I started today off rather chipper with a nice bike sesh while watching two episode of sex & the city then I made myself the usual bowl of oat bran.See my happiness leaked into my bowl of oatie b’s!

I met up with my friend at a local japanese restaurant for a late lunch. We both order the veggie bento box which included miso soup, a vegetarian roll, salad w/ ginger dressing, battered tofu and tempura. I polished off most of my miso soup, sushi roll, salad and I had one piece of tofu and one piece of tempura. I wasn’t feeling the mushing deep friedness today I wanted some fresh crunchiness. We headed back to my friends house and soaked up some rays for a while then I headed home.

I had a late snack…. another yogurt parfait! This guy had a mix of vanilla and strawberry nonfat yogurt, a little bit of naner, half a diced gala apple and some special k on top. Twas good and kept me full till dinner time rolled around. I went on a walk with my mom to enjoy a bit more the sunshine. It was nice brisk 25 minute walk around the ‘hood. Momma’s backs a hurting so we couldn’t go super fast though.

I didn’t get hungry till about 7 then I made my dinner which was a veggie burger salad and some melon! The salad had romaine lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, baby carrots, 1/2 a yves v. burger and some bolthouse thousand island dressing. I had the other half of the veggie burger with some ketchup and mustardo! Then I scooped the last of the melon out with my handy dandy scooper!The friends bailed on me tonight (story of my life) and so I stayed in and watched Marley & me with my mom. I have seen this movie before and bawled my eyes out thankfully this time I only shed a few tears. Tomorrow = run, bike and work (blah)!



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3 responses to “indulgance friday

  1. Jen

    I love sitting with a huge piece of melon and just scooping straight from it! Feels so goddamn summery. 🙂

    That’s too bad about the flaky friend, hate that!

  2. Meg

    Hey girl! Sorry I've been missing your posts, I've been so busy so I just caught myself up! I'm glad you enjopyed your day & lunch with your friend! I also soaked up some sun and you can definitely tell haha! Your oats are so cute – made me smile. I love playing with food. Just makes it that much more enjoyable to eat.

    I hope you have a lovely day!


  3. Bec

    that movie totally makes me cry!

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