cereal overload

The rest of yesterdays eats… My kick a.. yogurt parfait.~3/4c. strawberry & vanilla yogurt topped with special K, a nut mix and cinnamon! I could of had thirty bowls of this!

I woke up somewhat late today 10am. I slept in an extra hour which threw off my morning workout/eating schedule. My breakfast ended up being more of a lunch but I noshed on my special K cereal while I read your blogs and well I ate quite a bit of s.p. (binge…) I put the peddle to the meddle for a good fifty minutes and then whipped up (literally whipped) my usual oat bran.After my bowl was ready I through it in my drink blender and whipped it around for a minute. I ended up with a pretty smooth bowl of oats. I’ll more than likely do this again! (sorry I didn’t snap a pic!)

I noshed on a gala apple at my friends house while we chatted it up since she just got back from college in the usa.She got a full ride to a school in Indiana! I missed her – she has such a refreshing personality. She’s going out tonight to celebrate her 19th birthday which happened in April but she wasn’t legal yet in the states so she waited till she was back on the homefront to celebrate legal-style!

I came home and was pretty famished so I made another yogurt parfait.1c. non-fat vanilla yogurt – sliced naner – special k (YUMMO!)
Then I went back for a little bit more ‘nilla yogurt.

I watched a bit of hockey then read a few blogs then I started prepping dinner. I decided to make some baked tofu! I marinated it in teriyaki & soya sauce for about 20 minutes. Then I put in the oven along with some sweet tater fries! I let those cook for what seemed like eons then I finally added them to my plate along with some diced cucumber and Bolthouse thousand island dressing. This is what my plate looked like after…
I thoroughly enjoyed this dinner. It left me feeling full and satisfied! Then I biked to the store to pick up my prescription and settled on to the couch with a skinny cow to watch csi:lv&ny and grey’s season finales! Should be a good night of tele (the words of a true couch potato!)

I really messed up the baked tofu it stuck to the pan and didn’t get really crispy…
Question du jour: How do you bake your tofu?!


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