a speedy day

Thankfully today went by super fast and i got to leave work early, yeaaah! Honestly while my mom was on her 45 minute lunch break the phone rang twice and one of the calls was a wrong number. I had two jobs to do while my mom was eating and i got them done in about three minutes so I spent the rest of the time playing tic tac toe with myself and drawing random pictures – how productive!

My camera crapped out last night so i didn’t get any pictures of my eats until dinner! My mom and I went grocery shopping since our house is slowly running out of food. I picked up some usual eats but I also bought a few new things!!The usual: gala apples, naners, sweet potatoes
The new swag: Bolthouse thousand island (I’ve tried there honey mustard dressing and it was superb so i thought lets try something new!), tofu! (I forgot to buy bbq sauce to make bbq baked tofu), yves veggie burgers, special k – fruit & yogurt andddd DARK CHOCOLATE DREAMS PB!! This pb is so amazing I ripped open the container as soon as i got home and tested it out!

For dinner i cooked up one of the veggie burgers a prepared a salad.
Romaine lettuce – cucumbers – leftover bruschetta – parmesan – Yves veggie burger – Bolthouse thousand island dressing – mustard w/ a little piece of multgrain baguette on the side.
I had some aspargus on the side – grilled with evoo, salt & pepper!Question du jour!
Does anyone take any vitamins or minerals in the morning?
I take a shwack load and honestly it makes me feel so much more energize because my body is getting most of what it needs. I take 2 omega 3-6 pills, three viatmin C chewables (so yummy!), vitamin d, vitamin B6 & 12 and one womens daily pill! Now I’m off to go a make a yogurt parfait and watch criminal minds & csi: ny!



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3 responses to “a speedy day

  1. Bec

    I need to get my hands on that PB!

  2. Brooke

    I reallllly need to start taking vitamins!!! I always forget when I have them! But you have inspired me to get back on the vitamin bandwagon! Hooray! 🙂

  3. Melinda

    That Dark Chocolate PB looks Ahmazing!!:D

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