rock the vote

Today is election day in BC and obviously its a pretty important considering the economy right now! I was totally unsure on who to vote for but I spent a bit of today researching my local MLA and what they stood for and what each party stood for. Then I made my choice! I voted for a different party than I did for the federal election! Hopefully we’ll see some changes in BC. Mainly I want to see education and health care system fixed up!

Okay so I’m definitely getting better at recording my eats now – I’m so proud haha.
I started today off with a good work out sesh on my bike and then proceeded to make myself some oat bran. Yesterday I saw a fellow blogger made a caramelized naner and I thought wooza that looks ‘mazing and I must put that in my oats in the morning.~1/3c. oatbran – 1.25c of water – splash of milk – strawberries – mangoes – fresh naners & caramelized naner – cinnamon & pumpkin spice!
It was freaking amazing; I will definitley be repeating that bowl of heaven again!

I picked at another piece of italian cake and some sherbet today – mindless grazing tsk tsk!

For a midafternoon meal I made up a salad which was pretty good.Romaine lettuce – cucumbers – celery – carrots – leftover bruschetta – grated parmesan – red wine vinagrette dressing!

My tum wasn’t quite satisfied so I had a small bowl of Special k with a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in.I broke the other nub off this bowl when I crammed it into the dish washer the other week – i’m so sad because this bowl is so cute!

I cuddled on the couch with my other baby. cooper… with a nice cup of peppermint tea to watch the doctors.
For dinner I was supposed to go to the beach with my friend for a picnic but that plan fell through so I had some bruschetta and the rest of the leftover italian potato salad. Along with a container of fruit I had packed for the beach. I was stuffed!Instead of doing a picnic at the beach we went for gelato. I got lemon & pink grapefruit – super amazing! I always get lemon gelato along side something else everytime I go out for ice cream. We sat at Crescent Beach for about 20 minutes but it was super chilly so we headed back to my friends house and chilled till we had to head back early so I could get up to work with my mama tomorrow at her work. Ugh 8 hours of answersing & transferring calls among other boring office duties. Heres to wishing tomorrow goes by fast!


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