Happy Mothers day , maj!

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mommies out there. Today well wasn’t celebrated in my house because my whole family is gone for the weekend so I didn’t get to do the breakfast in bed, brunch with grandma ordeal because I had to work to!

Well I guess I should follow suit and give a little shout to my maj (yeah i love making weird names for her!). My mom had me pretty young but she got through raising a child! She has had to make countless sacrifices for me and i do appreciate that even though I don’t always let her know that.

I thought I had a picture of here on my laptop but I don’t basically I wanted to show you all the insane height difference between us. My mom is just over five feet tall and I’m five six. I tower over the poor lady.

Well I’m getting better at snapping pictures of my food but I’m still not a natural blogger where I remember to snap picture of everything.

The rest of Saturdays eats!
I made this wicked coffee drink. Its just regular brewed coffee, a splash of milk, splenda, and bunch of crushed ice. Then I blended it up in this drink mixer do-hickey I got for christmas. It made some seriously great foam on top. (And I know good foam since I am a barista haha I’m so lame). I enjoyed a lucious Gala Apple on my deck while I soaked up some rays before biking over to my Grandparents for din & the hockey game. Sunday
Then today I didn’t get to snap a picture of my oatbran because I had to rush and get ready so I could bike to work for 8am!

I ate an apple, and some cucumber with paremsan and italian dresing for lunch on my break.
Then dinner well was a sweet potato (I eat to many carbs haha), and a plate of veggies and a little slice of parmesan. I really need to incorporate more protein into my diet but I’m not a fan of meat. I guess I need to stock up on some protein bars! Now I’m off to watch the three hour apprentice finale… I don’t know if I can stand three hours of Donald Trump ick.


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