alll by myselff…

This weekend I’m all alone the fam is gone for my sister’s softball tournament. Can you believe it; I’m eighteen going on nineteen and my parents have yet to leave me alone for a full day/sleep!?! So it’s me and my two cats this weekend… here is one of the little babies… Linden (for all you canadians yes he is named after Trevor Linden).. He’s almost two years old I think. He’s a hairy littl guy.
I was thinking of having a few girl friends over and get a little drunk and such but nope of course not no one was available. My “friends” are so great – can you sense the sarcasm… I need to move or make new friends somehow but its hard.

I did take a picture of my food tonight it was…. sweet potato fries haha shocker and I tried this brocolli and cheese mixture we had in the freezer. I though it would be pretty gross as all frozen food is but it wasn’t half bad!The rest of my sad sad night is going to be spent watching season two of grey’s… did anyone watch the episode on thursday night- sooo good! In my opinion grey’s has been kinda sucky this season but last night they totally redeemed themselves. Its a shame the katherine heigl has become such a d i v a and is leaving the show I love Izzie Stevens!

Saturday afternoon update

I survived my first night alone… I stayed up until 2am trying to put off sleeping but I did it I however wake up every hour on the hour from 5am to 9am haha. I got my shift covered today because I would have no way to get home from work at 10:30 at night, so for safety reasons I guess. I might head over to my grandparents tonight to watch the hockey game and bum a meal off them =)

I bought some more cinnamon yesterday so I was really excited to make my oat bran this morning… twas good! I know I went a little crazy on the cinnamon
Last night after reading countless blogs on running. I’ve decided I want to start running more again because I was a huge runner in my early teen years and then i stopped when I quit playing soccer. I ran the Vancouver International Half Marathon when I was fourteen with my best friend at the time and her mom. I absolutely loved the feeling of finishing the 23kms (?)… I think I’m going to run it next year since I missed this years and I’ll also do the sun run next year too! Then maybe go somewhere like California and run one! Any tips on how to get back into running after being a little m.i.a.!?



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4 responses to “alll by myselff…

  1. Brooke (HomegirlCanEat)

    Get your funlovin’ self out to california and run a half marathon! You would looove San Fran! It’s so much fun and beautiful with GREAT EATS! If you go to the Runner’s World magazine website site, there is this little handy tool that helps you find all the races all over the US/world!

  2. Ellie

    Shame about Izzie before but don’t believe the stuff about Katherine being a diva. She is the complete anti-diva. She is really, really nice.

  3. dailydulcie

    im loving those sweet tater fries & all that cinnamon on your oat bran!!

    you deserve GREAT friends so I hope you find some wonderful ones.

    I saw Greys on Thurs night and it was SO GOOD!!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend :]

  4. Bec

    that would be so much fun to go to cali for a race!

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