bloggin blues

I’ve been such a bad blogger the past few weeks. But you might thank me because my posts would be rather boring!

I officially need to go to Trader Joe’s asap! TJs doesn’t have any Canadian locations so I’m going to to drive down to Washington state to hook myself up. Its not even that far away maybe 40 minutes but the border wait is usually ridic.

This is my sad little post haha sorry for the let down! I’ll try to conjure up some good food and better topics for my next post, adios!



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4 responses to “bloggin blues

  1. Brooke (HomegirlCanEat)

    TJs is da bomb diggity! I love their hummus, yogurt, cereal, and basically everything at that store.

    Have a good Friday suga!

  2. Meg

    Hey girl, any post about TJ’s is exciting! Haha I hope you have a lovely time and find some good stuff!

    Love, Meg

  3. Bec

    I love that you are driving to TJ in the states, let me know what its like!

  4. Dollface

    can you order anything online? 40 minutes seems like such a longggg commute to go!!! xxoxoo

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