a brief absence

I haven’t blogged for like five days! I’ve been reading everyone’s posts on my blog roll but I have been motivated enough to sit down, write and upload pictures. I’m so lazy sometimes, its truly sad.

I’ve done pretty much nothing since my last post. I went out for sushi with my friend, worked saturday and sunday from 2:30 to 10pm and yep pretty much it. I just got back from the dentist which I was rather excited for because 1. My fam switched to a new dentist 2. I’m a geek and i like having shinny white teeth. My dental hygienist was new today and well she kinda hurt my teeth a lot! It was probably the second worst teeth cleaning experience I’ve ever had. But she was new and young so I gotta cut her some slack because she’s still learning!

I’ve still been biking my butt of everyday trying to lose the weight I’ve gained from school. I did get down to four pounds from my pre-college weight but then I gained two more even though I haven’t been overeating and I’ve been burning up to 900 cals a day on my bike?! Explain if you can (!)

Alrighty well here is my food from last week…
my new fave food.. sweet potato fries and a asapargus on the side (I had more but i forgot to take a picture…)and a bowl of special k, some wheat shreddies, luscious strawberries and bit of a naner.
(I’m seriously addicted to special K right now; it’s the plainest cereal but so yummy!)

I also signed up for this Kashi Coupon on their website. I think it’s only available for Canadians so all you Northies go to Kashi.ca and get your free box of granola bars. I’m thinking of getting the cherry dark chocolate one!Also I started reading, Eat Pray Love, this past week because I had a really bad breakdown the other day and I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while since the author, Liz Gilbert, went through a hard time during this book so I thought it was appropriate.Now, I’ll finally end this marathon post!



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5 responses to “a brief absence

  1. Bec

    scales can be finicky, it can be something as simple as water retention or dehydration! After a night out my weight goes down 3-5 lbs and then the next day its back to normal… crazyness

  2. Run Sarah

    I love the dark chocolate cherry Kashi bars, they’re the best 🙂

  3. Brooke (HomegirlCanEat)

    Hey hey girl! Special K is soooo addicting and good! I’m not sure what makes it so amazing tasting! And I started reading eat, pray, love but never finished because I got too caught up in school work but now you totally motivated me to go pick it up again!

  4. Dollface

    I love all the health food… dont hurt yourself over a few pounds, im sure you look amazing!! xxoo

  5. dailydulcie

    Hi darling!!

    I like getting my teeth cleaned also.. but I hate when it hurts!!

    I love the sweet potato fries :]

    lots of love,

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