hungry tummy…

First off I just would like to pay tribute to Jenna from Eat.Live. Run.’s brother who passed away this weekend, my thoughts are with you girl.

On a light note… a way light note. I have no food in my house. Zilch! My family has been at my sister’s baseball tournament all weekend so they have had zero time to go grocery shopping so I’m left with a few apples, yogurt and some odds and ends to get me through the weekend. I know, I know I should go shopping myself but I’m working and I have no car to bring the huge haul of groceries home with!

I ended up going on academic probation for my school. I was one credit away from being told to withdraw from my school. I had a huge mental breakdown this weekend because it’s not like me to not care about my grades. I have no idea what happened to me these past to semester, which were my freshman year… I lost myself. I sunk into this dark hole.
Sorry, this is a rather boring post!

update: yaaay no more hunger, my parents went grocery shopping!



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6 responses to “hungry tummy…

  1. Meg

    Sorry to hear about your school troubles – but you still have time to fix things, and next year is a new start. You're a strong & smart girl, you can make it through better than ever!

    I hope you find some good eats around your house today, although there's not much, I'm sure you can whip up a few combos of random stuff 😉

    Love, Meg

  2. Bec

    Freshman year can be hard, you have a lot of adjustments to make but I know lots of friends that were on probation after 1st year and are now doing amazing in school!

  3. Megan

    yay for groceries!!

    things will get better with school, i am sure of it. just hang in there 🙂

  4. jesslikesithot

    Sorry about the school issues!!! I’m sure you can get your grades back up next semester!

    Here’s season’s 1-4 of the old bev hills!—Pilot-Parts-1-and-2/videos?autoPlay=false

  5. Baylee♥

    Hey girlie! The same thing happened to me..well, im not on academic probation (YET!) haha..but i did have a rough time this semester. in high school i never really had to try to get good grades..and last semester, i feel like i bullshitted everything and barely tried, and still came out with a 3.67 GPA. this semester..i have actually tried, HARD, and its not doing anything for me. i dropped my political science class because the only way i could pass the class was if i got a C or higher on the final (and judging by the fact that i failed both tests..this was not possible)..and i havent gotten higher than a 70 on my meteorology tests, and my english class and photography class are kicking my butt as well.

    i hope things start to get better for you…at least you have some brain food back in the house again 🙂

  6. curlytop


    We have the opposite problem here. Too much food! Thank goodness for parents who go grocery shopping.

    Have a wonderful night sweetie!

    With Love,


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