relaxing and chillaxing

Gross i hate the word chillaxing sorry for the lame title! Anywho today was rather uneventful but I had some good eats. So here is my recap of the past 24 hours.

Last night I headed out with Nick to visit my good friend Kady because she got home from school and I haven’t seen her in a few months so I was quite stoked to see her pretty face! We talked for a few hours about the past semester, summer, our futures basically a good ol’ catch up sesh! I headed home read some blogs and passed out in my bed.

I woke-up today a 9:30am that’s a serious sleep in for me! I biked my butt off today I biked 55ish km! I was a big sweatball today. I have no idea what I did all day because I don’t even think I watched alot of tv or was on the computer that much either. Tonight however I watched csi & grey’s. Twas’ good!

Ohh and I also have been obsessing over my potential new major in Nursing I found this really great vlog (funny word) on youtube of this nursing student for North Carolina! She really inspired me to purse nursing so I’ve been researching the heck of schools in my area. But now on to some my foods today!

My bowl of oats but I mixed it up an replaced my sliced banana with some diced apple yum to the max, I had tons of cinnamon on this sucker and some milk and crumbled up whole wheat shreddie! The glass in the corner of the picture has some cold green tea in it, so refreshing in the morning.
The rest of my apple from this morning with some berry mix yogurt.. and some cinnamon sprinkled on top!
Dinner… Basically a total orgasm in my mouth!
I had my sweet potaters: Cut them up put them in a plastic bag, add 1 tsp of evoo, as much paprika & cinnamon as you like and shake it up and put them on a tray and cook for 25-30minutes at 425 degrees! Then I had some BBQ sauce on the side.

awwh check out the little omelet…

I also added a little omelet to the mix… I don’t even like eggs but i loved this mixture. I used one egg white, cut up green onion, some left over chicken cut up, broccoli, and some frialano cheese. I nuked in the microwave for about a minute and voila! It was soo good! I will definitely be doing this up again!



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5 responses to “relaxing and chillaxing

  1. Nessa

    thats such a funny way to make an omelet, ive never seen anyone do that!! ..but it looks yummy! =)

  2. Dollface

    Yum yum….. i cant eat oats, but it looks good!! xxooo

  3. Meg

    Glad you were able to see your friend lastnight, it’s so exciting to see people we haven’t seen in a while, and just chat and catch up, love it! That is probably the cutest omelet I’ve ever seen! Haha! Oh and sweet tater fries – always always ALWAYS a winner 😉

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday, and good luck with the search for a nursing school! How exciting 🙂

    LOVE, Meg

  4. dailydulcie

    Hi lovely,

    I watched Grey’s last night too, it was a good one!!

    Great bowl of oats with the apple replacing the banana.

    Sweet taters are amazing; awesome dinner.

  5. jesslikesithot

    Glad you threw some apple in your oats!!!! isn’t it the greatest!?! the sweet p fries look great too, my fave!!

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